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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Missing mom

No not my real mom, my human mom!

My trainer is leaving for a trip next week... and will be gone a WHOLE MONTH!

And I am not allowed to go with her. Life is soo unfair.

I can't believe she has known this before she got me, and never told me that she was leaving for longer than a day without me.

Since she can't take me with her, I have to stay at home. My trainer's brother and sister will be watching and working with me.

So if there aren't that many posts, don't worry. I don't know if my trainer will let my sibling's let me use the blog when she is gone. But we will find out. I might get them to take pictures of where they take me so then you can see some photos.

But one way or another I will get some posts uploaded.



Shadow said...

She'll be fine and her siblings will take good care of you! IT's only a month-wait that's a long time! I can simpathixe with you, my owner left me for a whole night and I was miserable! But I hope she has fun!

vi&sam said...

Aww poor Frankie!

Andros said...

Well good luck! You always miss mom! But those sibs will take great care of you!

Anonymous said...

I know; life is SOO unfair! I'm sure you'll be okay with your "mom's" siblings, though. They'll take good care of you!