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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Late Merry Christmas everyone!
I wanted to do a post on Christmas day like a lot of other blogs were doing, but I didn't get to the computer before it was turned off:(
I got a stocking that was full of lots of "things" from my trainer, and a gift that was full with "homemade" rope toys, and a whole bunch of tasty looking dog treats!
My trainer's sister gave me 2 stuffed toys, I was soo happy with my gifts! In the stocking I got a bone that was FULL of P.B! I chewed on that for the rest of the day!
A few days later my trainer and her family went to go see Bolt, it was really good, I even watched the screen for a little while!
The new year is right around the corner, my trainer told me that I might be able to update my blog more once we are in 2009!
Early Happy New year!!


Me "receiving" my P.B filled bone.

My trainer gave a a box of "to-go"
dog treats!

She also gave me a waterproof toy!! (it is
more of a stuffed toy than a ball)

Me with all of my stocking "things".

My trainer's sister opening my gift, (I would
have, but I am not allowed to chew/open gifts!).

My trainer's brother giving me my gift- homemade rope toys!


Sue said...

Wow Frankie, looks like you had a fun Christmas!
Your toys look like a lot of fun,


Irish said...

Hi frankie,

look at all the present you got. you are one lucky dog. I saw that you wanted to link your blog to my blog and that would be great. I'll link you also.

Happy New Year.


Princess Coral said...

Hi Frankie,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love new friend:) Please feel free to link. I'll link to yours as well!

Happy New Year