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Friday, September 25, 2009

Puppy meeting & pizza

For this weeks puppy class our trainers were asked to bring 1-2 food distractions, my trainer decided to bring popcorn and a pizza.

Little Caesars kindly donated a pizza for us to use; man was that a hit for the dogs!! Luckily it was still whole by the end of the meeting, because otherwise one of the dogs in our group would be getting blamed for something...

There were a total of 4 dogs at the meeting-
Toby, Kukla, Spike & RockWe started our training outside working on our "lefts & rights", then moved to doing "sit & stand stays", we did "recalls" and of course the "meet & greet" (where we walk by another dog & person and us dogs are not allowed to say hi).

We then headed inside to work on "down under" (going under chairs which all of us dogs already knew!) then walking around our food distractions (and of course other dogs).

We worked on stand, sit & down stays around the food and then our trainer sitting down with us (so we learned not to be all over them), and last we did "puppy push ups" (stand-down-sit)

The pizza did stay whole, and all the popcorn & dog treats were still there when we were done- our trainers were so kind as to give each of us dogs a nice big dog bone when we finished!!
Enjoy the pictures (:
"The dog with a blog"

Working with food distracrtions

Doing "down under"

Working outside

Me watching Spike

Me & my trainer


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