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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rudy's Life...

For your viewing pleasure, I've created a short "video" of Rudy's life... as a guide dog in training.
Complete with many video clips/photographs - and some "never before seen" pictures/videos of him (ones I never posted).
So, if you don't mind, please take the time to watch the video, Rudy would have loved for you to.
*Time length: 8 minutes*
Oh - and I'd love feedback on how it was :)

Rudy's Raiser

(You can pull it up larger- but for some reason, the "quality" of the photos aren't near as good - I think blogger might have saved it as a smaller size, sorry!)

Can't believe this little guy is already gone...

Picture of Rudy wearing his coat in a sit-stay , he has the cutest face on and looks as if I need to give him a treat!


Amber DaWeenie said...

All we can say is.....WOW! This is fantastic. We watched it all the way through and it was just amazing. What a beautiful way to remember your year with Rudy.


Keisha said...

He is so cute!! Good dog Rudy. :)

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

What a great tribute. We're sure that Rudy is making everyone proud.

Isn't tomorrow the evening the Petties? Yes, I'm sure it is. We'll be watchin'. Paws crossed!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Benny and Lily said...

love it..
Benny & Lily

Elijah and Hobart II said...

are you raising again?
Elijah & Hobart II

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...


At this moment, I'm unable to raise another puppy - as I can't afford the dog food/etc & gas to/from puppy meetings. (I had a local business that covered those costs for me - but they aren't doing well in this economy and are unable to continue sponsoring my dogs).
I'm seeking a "sponsor" who could cover those financial needs for me, and if I can find one - I will continue raising guide dog puppies.
I've contacted a couple business, and hopefully will be finding a sponsor in the next couple weeks.

Allison - Rudy's Raiser

Elijah and Hobart II said...

I'm so sorry!!! I'll be praying that you are able to find a wonderful sponsor! There are many people out there who love what we do and so I'm sure you'll find someone!

Elijah & Hobart II

Cathryn said...

Really beautiful. I am raising my first guide dog puppy in Canada. Always nice to read about others.