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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Monday, October 15, 2012

A New Chapter in Life

*(Written by Brandon's Raiser)*
We traveled down to FL this past weekend, and Brandon was turned In For Training "IFT" at the guide dog school on Saturday morning (October 13).
Brandon was extremely happy and excited to see all the other dogs and I know he's enjoying himself down there.
He started his new chapter in life on Saturday morning; this is a very exciting moment in time, not only for me as a puppy raiser - but also for Brandon, as he learns more and moves further along in his training.
It will be about 4 weeks before I hear any news about Brandon, but I will be sure to post all information on the blog, and keep you guys in the loop!
I will miss my furry yellow shadow, that went everywhere with me. Brandon was a joy to raise, and though he had some "hard times" it all ended well.  I'm looking forward to seeing how Brandon progresses down at the guide dog school, and excited to see how it turns out.  GOOD LUCK BRANDON!
Enjoy the pictures below,

-Brandon's Raiser

Picture of Brandon in a sit-stay beside me, at the FL welcome sign

Up close picture of Brandon & I at the FL welcome sign 

Picture of Brandon & I beside his "sign" at Southeastern Guide Dogs

Up close picture of Brandon's sign - it even has a picture of Brandon, when he was 6 weeks old!

Picture of Brandon being handed over to one of the guide dog trainers - he sure seems excited! 

Picture of Brandon "hopping" away with the guide dog trainer

Picture of me doing a blind fold walk with  one of the "class ready"  dogs (a female black lab , named "Betty Jean")

Picture of Betty Jean & I doing a forward walk (with the guide dog trainer  on her left side, holding the leash)

After all the dogs were turned in... we soon headed to the PUPPIES... to do some much needed "puppy hugging"!
Picture of me holding a little yellow puppy

Picture of me holding a small black puppy, who is licking my face


Sam said...

Good luck, Brandon - we will miss you!


Raiser Erin said...

Good luck to Brandon in his training. :)

~Erin and Hilly

The Army of Four said...

We know that had to be hard - but thank you for raising Brandon so well! And GOOD LUCK, Brandon!!! You're going to do great things, buddy!
Play bows,

Amber DaWeenie said...

Brandon, I'm really going to miss you a lot. Stay in touch and Good Luck!

Ashley Carroll said...

good luck Brandon!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Good luck sweet Brandon
Benny & Lily

Jax'sView said...

Good luck to Brandon in his new life.
I know a puppy walker here in the UK and she has just had to let her black lab go back to kennels too.......but just think of the difference he can make to someone's life - would that we could all say that!

Heney Dicosta said...

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