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Monday, October 1, 2007

Hope's pictures

My friend (who just happens to be a "real" working dog) actually has an owner. (yes she is blind). Well you see my trainer's mom helped my friend's owner take pictures. She told her how to hold the camera and where the buttons are. She said things like "point it more to the left" or "hold the camera more level, don't let it point toward the ground". A couple of the shots are dark (but it doesn't matter). Hope says they aren't too dark for her!

BTW, my trainer wanted me to tell you why she does put words beside the picture, even though you can see it and tell what we are doing. The reason is... since my trainer's friend is blind that means she can't she the pictures, but she CAN have her computer read out loud the little captions for each picture .

this one is a little dark
(but I am in it! See me with my trainer?)
This on is not dark but is a little sideways, and all of us dogs, and trainers too, are way off to the left.

This one has a little of me in it and my owner is only half in it!

This is a good one of us looking at the balls as they roll by, and sometimes bounce. Some of my buddies were really tempted, but I stayed perfectly still and ignored them.

Muffin, aren't you proud of your owners photography skills!

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1 comment:

Cate said...

Wow! Hope did an awesome job on your pictures!!