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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guide dog meeting, AIRPORT!!

Our puppy group in front of the plane!

Hey guys,

This is my first meeting that we went to a airpor. Of course, I have been to the airport once before (to pick up my trainer) but I still wanted to do the guide dog meeting. It was last week that we went there! I had a lot of fun, we got to board a plane and visit the cock pit (as I call "the drivers place"), we even went in the airplane to sit down for a while (of course the dogs ON THE FLOOR, while the humans got the nice cushy seats). Then what made it worse was my trainer wanted to work with an Aussie, so I was left with her leader. Her leader gave me to this guy, and then he gave me back to the leader who gave me to another girl! I was switched around soo much I don't even remember the people. Other then that, I had a lot of fun. I love guide dog events because you get to see (and sometimes play with) them!!
But for all the pictures I am with somebody who isn't my trainer and my trainer is with the Aussie.

Enjoy all of the photos!


Oh, I have puppy class tonight. Afterwards we have puppy swap! Which means I won't be posting on here for over 3 weeks! But I will let the new dog (J.J.) post on here! And for a side comment on some good news and for people who know Brax, my trainer called and talked to his owner yesterday!! He is doing really good and obeying fine, she hopes to send my trainer some pictures soon so we can then post them on the computer.

Yes this is a no-no but they let
the dogs do it real quick for
photos, (of course on command
so we know we aren't allowed to
do it without command)!

Me with a girl named Chelsea

Me with a guy I don't know.

This is a new dog in our group who I think looks a lot like me!!

My trainer and the Aussie going up
the steps .

My trainer and the leader at the steps.

Me boarding the plane!

Inside the plane.


Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

Hey THats cool! To bad we can't do fun stuff like that around here!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

What a great experience for the guide dog puppies. That Aussie is SO pretty. :)

Sarah and Shadow said...

Sounds like fun! Who's that dog with Allie? Is that J.J.? Or is he a lab?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while. School's been busy!