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Monday, September 8, 2008

Puppy class 5 (I think!)

Puppy class was about 2 weeks ago but I never got the post written about it!

Since the building we usually do puppy class at was under construction we met at Belks. We did the meeting inside Belks on the top floor (the office floor) so we wouldn't be in the way of people shopping. Since it was quite tight up there we didn't have a lot of choices of what to do. So for the first half we lined up like we were at a wedding rehearsal meeting people, and the dogs had to obey and not trip the humans! I tried to lick some of the dogs, but soon stopped and obeyed.

Right before we left to go to puppy class my trainer took me on a 2 mile walk. Which made me REALLY tired! Once we got to puppy class I was knocked out, (after the wedding rehearsal!). When we finished the wedding-type line up we went on to a different kind of game/work. This time it was a game in which all the humans teamed up with 1 other person (2 man teams) and each of them had a dog. They then picked a card from a pile and we had to do the command it says on it. It could be a "down-stay", " stand-stay", "heel", "foward and stop", " a sit-stay" and you walk away, or any other commands our school uses! My trainer's team got a down-stay, and they had to walk away then come back to us on the right side. I didn't jump up when my trainer came back, and did just what she said to do, so I made my trainer really happy!

Then once all the teams finished playing the game (well they were going to call it that but forgot to bring prizes, so really it was work!) the leader started handing out letters...not to all the people there, just to some of the older dogs. I was wondering what it was (so was my trainer), then we soon found out. We just happened to be handed one to so my trainer opened it right away to see what it was, she found out it was a puppy swap paper! She had talked to the leader not too long ago and found out I was too young for that. But all that changed too quickly! It will last for three weeks, I will go spend that time at another puppy raiser's house and my trainer will be getting a dog named J.J. He, I think, is the same breed I am, and is just 1 week older. He is yellow and obeys pretty well (so I think, but we will soon find out!!). My trainer sounds like she is happy for the swap, but I think I would rather stay here with her, I mean she already left me for whole month! The trainers will be trading dogs at the next meeting, which will be in about 2 weeks!!


Doing the "team game"
The dog furthest to the right is J.J, my
trainer will have him for the puppy swap.

The leader is walking up to dogs and trying to get them to jump on her, and the dogs should not be jumping. I didn't jump, but some dogs did!

II was pretty tired!!


Shadow said...

Can't wait to see what J.J. looks like!! (Not that I'm tired of seeing you, Frankie!) Sounds like a lot of training!

Sarah and Shadow

Anonymous said...

Wow, Frankie, sounds like you did good! You're so much more obedient now!