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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crinkle Critters

My duck,hippo, and frog are finished!

You guys know how much you pay on stuffed dog toys that squeak or crinkle and most of the time they are stuffed to full (which is just a quicker way to tear them up...), and it is way too much money when you just can make your own! I know you might have seen the post on Rusty's blog(http://mydogrusty.blogspot.com/), when his owner made him some toys. But this is different. No squeakers, no flannel, and very little sewing. My trainer goes to yard sales on Saturday to find cheap toys for me, and almost every time we go she sees the hand puppet washcloths. prices from 10-25 cents! Well today she decided to buy three of them and turn them into dog toys. First she took the crinkle bags she has been saving, (the lettuce bags she used to get were really loud crinkley and are perfect for dog toys!) and she stuffed them in the puppets, (not to full as to make it easy for me to tear!...), then she took them to the table and let her sister sew them up at the bottom. Last but very not least she gave them to ME!!

Enjoy the photos and movie, hope you guys try this!


Before stuffing or sewing, (you can't see
the hands holding them up!).

My trainer stuffing the duck with Crinkle.

My trainer's sister sewing up the hippo.

And boy are they fun!!


Raising Addie said...

That is a really great idea!

I have stopped buying stuffed toys for Addie. There is just no point when they only last a few minutes.

Have a great day!
Staci (Addie's mom)

Megan, Fullerton & Spanky said...

I have been thinking of making toys like that for Fullerton. At GDB we are only allowed to give unstuffed fleece toys to our baby puppies and I have never done it for my previous pups. Since Fullerton is not a huge fan of toys I thought I would try them. I don't want to buy them though so I thought that I would try to make them. Thanks for the idea!

Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

Very Cool Idea!!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

wow , a good Idea indeed ! Hey ! We don't mind you linking us up 9:
We will do the same too (:
It sure feels good to be friends with RETRIEVER :D

Lots of Smoochies ,

SARAH said...

Oh wow! what a cheap and easy way to get new toys! never though of that before! I might have to try it! thanks for the tip.

Becky said...

So creative!