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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad news...

(Toby looking Depressed about puppy camping)

My trainer just told me that I am "going away" this coming week, and in return she is getting a different dog!

Here's what's going on:

My trainer is going to 4-H congress next week, and was planning on taking me, until she realized that I was too young and it would probably be too much for me (and I haven't slept on a tie down before), so she decided to call her area coordinator and see if she could switch dogs, (the other dog is over a year old), she agreed and we were planning on doing the switch-off tomorrow at the puppy meeting. Until the area coordinator realized she would have to fly somewhere and I would be to young to go with her. She told my trainer that she could still take her dog, but she would have to find a puppy sitter for me Toby.

After a whole lot of phone calls she finally found a helper. One of the families in our puppy group has 2 daughters that are both interested in raising. One already is(she has my sister Cassie), the other is waiting her turn.

So it is now final that I am going to their house tomorrow and not going to see my trainer 'til the following week, isn't that awful!!

I can't believe she won't take me, I am soo adorable, cute, & cuddly. Besides, I might've been able to "hold it" on the airplane.

But at least I will be able to play with my sister for a week!


(My sister -
Isn't she cute?!)

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Tabatha and Eclipse said...

how did you get the "reactions" poll at the end of each post???