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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I killed the cat... (and Happy New Years!)

"I killed the cat"
No really I did!

As I mentioned in the last post about my trainer being "after Christmas busy", this is the story of WHY my trainer was Christmas busy...

"It was a dark and stormy ni..."
Wait that sounds to odd, what about "The day was coming to a end when Tob..." that is defiantly wrong.

Oh, I got it!

My trainer just finished her animal chores for the evening, and was coming back in to the nice warm house. She then remembered she had 1 more thing to put away and turned around to go back outside. Right after closing the door she heard screaming... Of course she quickly turned around and opened the door to find out the CHRISTMAS TREE was not up anymore. She then heard someone saying "Toby didn't realize his tail was caught..." She quickly went outside and put away the items, then rushed back in to find out what was the matter.

All for her to find out that I knocked down the Christmas tree:( She finally got the whole story, and found out that I was playing with my toy beside the Christmas tree when somehow my tail got tangled up with the lights, I freaked and ran. Which of course means I dragged the Christmas tree down to the ground.
(Sorry no pictures were gotten during the destruction of the tree, as my trainer was too busy with broken glass, and excited/terrorized puppies)
Ornaments were quickly picked up, a trash can was brought in and the couple broken ones were thrown away, along with the little pieces of glass.

I am betting right about know you are thinking "why in the world is this post labeled, "I killed the cat"?
Well my trainer's sister's favorite ornament on the tree was a cat. Not just any cat, it was a cute round painted glass ornament shaped as a cat's head, even having ears at the top!
Well that was one of the 3 ornaments I broke- with both ears popping right off. I tried my doggie apology with her, she understood it was just an accident and forgave me.
Our house is Christmas tree empty, and of course less one cat ornament:(

This is the last post I will be doing for 2009- signing 2009 on my blog posts and such. I'm really going to miss the single digit "9" and start getting used to "10".
Before you know it I'll be 10 months! (Jan. 27th...)
I am wishing all of you guys the best New Year, and hope you guys live 2010 to the best as a dog can:)

Though I don't do "resolutions" I do have a couple things I hope to succeed in 2010...
1. Get over 100 followers on my blog (!!)
2. Get over 20 comments on 1+ posts (20 comments from 20 different blogs)
3. Update my blog frequently
4. Obey my trainer and learn as much as possible
5. Become the BEST guide dog I can!

What do you hope to do in 2010?
I hope it's good, and have a PAWSOME NEW YEAR!

The dog with a blog

(Toby laying on MY pink "pillow" which is on the ground)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good job Toby!

Happy 2010 to ALL of WOO!

We hope all of your goals are achieved!

We make sure we stop by each day we see your post!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Cassie said...

Oh no! I can just picture the whole scene....happy new year!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Phew, I'm glad you didn't kill a real live cat! I was worried for you. But it sounds like quite an ordeal you all went through. I guess you made New Years exciting at your house, though! Good luck with your goals in 2010!

Ro said...

Oh phew. The whole time I'm waiting for the death of a cat. First I thought the screaming was the murder of a cat. Then I thought the tree fell on a cat. I'm sorry for the ornament, but I'm glad it wasn't a cat.

So, do you want twenty different people to comment, or just twenty comments? My comments get up high when I start having a conversation in comments. Si my posts will count in the post number. Good luck on your goals!

Clive said...


Great story! We were a bit worried when we read the title but I guess you can certainly be forgiven for a glass ornament! You must have got some fright!

Hope all your goals are achieved - especially the last one!

take care
Clive and family

Dory and the Mama said...

Whoah Toby, that must have been WAY scary!! We hope all your hopes come true!!!
Happy New Year