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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Elephant is HUGE & Snakes are SCARY!

Yesterday morning was when Sparkie showed up.
Yesterday night was when...
We met an Elephant, saw a boxing Kangaroo, a huge snake - and watched a performance.
What was it?

A mini circus!
My raiser happens to be friends with another teenage girl her age - who just so "happens" to be part of a traveling circus!!
They only see each other once or twice a year - but always keep in contact!
My raiser's friend's family owns a huge Elephant - so all of my raiser's dogs get to "meet" an Elephant!
Yesterday, Sparkie and I both got to "meet" her - (My raiser kept us at a safe distance).
Though you couldn't get picture during the performance (and my raiser had 2 dogs most of the time!) she did manage to snap a couple pictures of us - so make sure to see them below!

During the performance, while they were doing a clown act we heard a noise. The noise was apart of the act, but man was it loud! (My raiser said it was even louder than a cannon!) Sparkie slept right through it and I woke up - but then went right back to sleep.
My raiser said we did so very well!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the giveaway post will be coming (hopefully) this week!

Rudy & Sparkie
The dogs with a blog

Photo of Sparkie in a sit-stay wearing his coat and Rudy is in a down-stay wearing his coat. Behind them both is the Elephant

Photo of my friend and I with the dogs. Rudy is in a down wearing his coat and Sparkie is in a sit wearing his coat
Picture of Sparkie and Rudy in coat.  Sparkie's sitting, and Rudy is... coming towards me!  Behind them is the Kangaroos
Photo of the back of Sparkie's head, he's staring at the Kangaroos (which you can see 1 in front of him)
Photo of Sparkie in a down-stay in coat sleeping
Photo of Sparkie in a down-stay in coat.  Behind him you can barely see a 1 day old pony


mayziegal said...

Ohmidogness, Rudy! I'm trying to gets all caught up on my bloggie furends' posties. I kinda got behind what with my contest and all!

It sure does look like you've been having some big adventures! I think you're awfully brave. I'm pretty sure that that noise and that elephant would have skeered the hoohah outta me!

Sparkie looks real sweet. I'm glad you're enjoying his visit!

Wiggles & Wags,

Ally, Eclipse, Teddy and Kira said...

Oh my! I've had dreams of introducing my pups to the elephants I worked with and I must say the elephant you and Sparkie got to meet is gorgeous! What a lucky dog you are :-D

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how fun - a circus, and a friend who works in the circus. I just love the Circus!!! What a big time you had, Rudy - you are getting the "training" in all sorts of situations. What a good boy you and Sparky were to not bark and carry on ... I bet you all had a good time. I also sah the Kanga in the back ground, boy, you are getting around ;-)

p.s. thanks for visiting me today!

Lauren and Don said...

Wow! That is some outing- good job Rudy for being so good around the elephant and other animals! Way to go!!

Maggie Mae said...

Rudy patootie,

Oh my Oh my that is one big elephant! Were you ascared? I thinks I would have hid behind my mom if I was there. It sure looks like you and Sparkie are having fun filled days!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Sarah and Vance said...

so cool you have a friend in the circus!! Excellent opportunity to get the dogs familiar with the animals too, looks like they did good!

Sallie said...

A circus! LOL! Cooool.

booker said...

hihi rudy!!!
me and asa are back from summer camp, and it's nice to come catch up on your bloggie!
you sure are a handsome pup! how exciting that your friend sparkie is staying with you. i bet ya'll are having tons of funsies together especially since you got to go to the circus! i can't believe you got to meet an elephant, too?! was it scary? they are HOOGE!
the booker man

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That is so furry khool!

Thanks fur sharing that great time!


houndstooth said...

You're sure having some wild adventures already! I'm impressed! I think I could hunt an elephant...


Feral Female said...

You were very brave Rudy, those elephants are enormous!

Bella the Westie said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting!
A real elephant! You are soo lucky you got to see one.
Thank you for telling us all about it! :)

Love, Bella.

elbouwii said...

i think that el'bow is bigger

El'bow & Hauwii

Mango said...

Is there nothing that doesn't scare you? And still a puppy! You are totally super dogs.


P.S. I agree, El'bow IS bigger.

ocmist said...

Wow! A REAL Elephant?! That must have been very ... "different." Your raiser is doing a great job getting you used to strange things, isn't she. I think that would be a bit scary! The CC Pups

Raiser Erin said...

Wow Rudy! Were you scared of the big elephants at all? It looks like you had a lot of fun!