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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Girl Did it...

Yes the title of this post is furry important, but before I go into detail on what happened... let me start out with what I was going to do on Saturday:
This WAS my furry cool agenda for Saturday:
10:25am: Arrive at puppy meeting
10:30am: Obedience training during puppy meeting
10:45am: Play with other cute puppies
11:00am: Head into the assisted living with the puppy group and meet elderly people

But a little female puppy decided to ruin my wonderful plans. My raiser was allowing me to play (on leash) with another little guide dog puppy, it was a female Lab that was 10 days younger than me (and about half the size). I was being a very calm boy and making my raiser proud and then all of a sudden my raiser noticed blood all over both of us puppies. She soon found out that the other little puppy bit my ear, and gave me a 1/4 inch tear on the tip of my right ear.
So instead of heading in to meet elderly people, my raiser had to take me to a local vet, and I ended up having to get 4 stitches in my ear.

**Raiser's note: Please know that it wasn't a "serious" injury and there wasn't blood gushing everywhere, but the bleeding wouldn't stop completely, and our Area Coordinator said it would be best if we head to a vet and go ahead and get it stitched up. And please do know that the puppies were not playing rough, but the little female lab accidentally grabbed his ear, which then didn't turn out well!**

But I'm totally fine now, and though I didn't enjoy the "rest" I had to have on Saturday, I'm back and "bouncing" around now.
Just make sure you guys realize that it wasn't MY fault, the girl did it...


Brandon doing a "loose leash" walk beside me, during our obedience training outside the assisted living place

Brandon doing a wonderful sit-stay with me in front of him

Close up picture of Brandon walking on a "loose leash"

Picture of Brandon sleeping in my sister's lap in the car, while we are on the way to the vet

Picture of Brandon sitting on the medical table at the vet office

Close up picture of the 4 stitches that were put in the tip of Brandon's ear


~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

oh Brandon!!..that looks like a nsaty close up of your stitches!..my sister, Harmony did the same thing to me when I was a puppy!..darn girls anyway!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh, Brandon...OUCH! Her just thought dat your ear was a chew toy! Her didn't mean it!

You are such a brave boy!



Yep you have to look out for the shark sharp puppy toofers. They hurt. Glad you are off rest now and feeling better. Jeepers.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon...we think you've learned a very important lesson about those crazy girl dogs...oh wait, my dogs are crazy girl dogs! Riley's Boxer cousin, Daisy, did the same thing to her brother, Highway's, ear a few months ago. Instead of splitting it though, she just pierced it about a quarter of an inch from the tip of it. It bled like crazy for a long time...guess those ears bleed and don't stop! Glad you're feeling better now--your loose leash walking looks GREAT!

Elyse and Riley

The Army of Four said...

Oh no!!! Are you OK?!?!? That looks like a nasty owie!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Poor baby, imagine living with a female, my Lily
Benny & Lily

Clive said...

Oh you poor thing Brandon! That was most unfortunate! We hope your ear heals really quickly!

take care
Clive and Murray

Maggie Mae said...

OoH Brandon,

I know exactly how you feel cuz da same thing happened to me back in June. :( Be careful cuz when you shakes your head you may make your ear bleed again.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

jen said...

Ouch!! Puppy teeth are sometimes like little tiny razors!!
I sure hope your ear is feeling Brandon!

houndstooth said...

Oh ouch! I'm glad it was only four stitches. I hope you're feeling better soon! I could totally see Kuster doing that!


Suka said...

hey Brandon,

Ouchies! I think your little female friend took the term "nipping on the ear" a bit too literal! I bet she felt awful. Your adorable looks must have distracted her. Poor thing, not a good first impression! BOL!

So furry happy you are O.K. and it was not serious. But sorry you missed the fun of your puppy class.


Mango said...

Never too soon to learn that you have to watch out for those bossy bitches. Oh well, at least your scar will make you look like rough trade which might serve as a warning.


P.S. Please send that little gal to my estate. I will teach her some manners. Hehehe.

Chicco said...

Hello Brandon, i found your blog and i like it so much! you're a very beautiful dog, if you like come to visit me on my blog too, ok?
Woof, woof,


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Ouch!!! It's a good thing dog's don't really care about scars!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wow, that's some wound. Guess we're lucky that when accidents are Jan's fault we don't need stitches too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Brandon, I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I've just recently found you. I'll keep an "eye" on you from now on.

Cory said...

Oh you poor puppy!! If you were here we'd purr and lick your owie!

kissa-bull said...

oh brandon we send tons and boatloads of healin pibble sugars on the speedy and you are a very good boy we totally woulda tooted on the girl pup
tee hee

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

River said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope your ear will be okay! My mom had a puppy guide dog come by her library all the time for people/place training. Everyone stopped working for a while just to love on him. I bet you run into that alot!

love & wags,

Winnie said...

Poor Brandon. I guess all experiences are useful - but that just wasn't the sort of training experience you were expecting.

Love and licks (to make it all better)


Bailey said...

Sorry about the bite. Sounds painful.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Oh Brandon, you casnot trust them girls. Your wound will give you character! Well done on being such a good boy!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Poor poor Brandon. Isn't that just like a girl to mess up your Saturday???

Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

If only I could spell! Let me try that again! We believe you, Brandon. And look at you...loose leash, and sitting. I wish my boys would do that! Hope your ear is all better soon.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Oh noes! I'm so sorry! Hope you heal quickly and painlessly. :)

Big woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)