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Thursday, October 2, 2008

J.J and Milo

Ever since I came to Frankie's house there has been this ANNOYING pig, and when I say it I mean it!! This pig can give your whole body a rub down in less than 1 minute!! Frankie's trainer got a movie of him giving me a rub down, I have had to put up with this for a whole week, I might not have any hair when I got back to my raiser!!

Anyway Frankie's trainer wanted to get some good pictures of me and the pig (ones where I am not biting the pig and the pig isn't rubbing me!), these are the 2 best ones she got, I think they turned out pretty good for a pig (well and me, but I AM the good looking one!!).

A couple days ago Frankie's trainer put the pig outside in the baby goat pen, so it isn't always in the house. But when she went to go check on it she found it herding the baby goats around the pen!! Before puting the pig in the pen with the goats she was thinking about just puting him in his own pen, since her other pig (who is not 3-4 years old) was put in with the baby goats when it was young, but it turned out the pig liked "hurt"ing the baby goats not herding!! I think she did the right thing, Milo sure looks cute herding goats!!


I think this would look good framed!!

Sorry for the green and red eyes, but it is
a good picture!!

The "rub down"!


Raising Addie said...

WOW... you have your own personal masseuse! We just LOVED the video and pictures!

That looks like a good bone that you are eating!

Sarah and Shadow said...

Kinda reminds me of when the pig did that to Frankie!

Tell ur current trainer 'Happy Birthday' 4 us!

Sarah and Shadow

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! The pig started rubbing my leg when I was over there!

Anna Marie

P.S. Happy B-day, Allie!

Sarah and Shadow said...

uh huh, we're going


SARAH said...

oh! He looks so adorable!! I bet that rub down felt good!