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Friday, October 10, 2008

My trainer's birthday party!!

My trainer's birthday was a week or 2 ago and so was her party! She hadn't decided on her theme until 2 days before the party! But lucky for me she chose a guide dog theme party! The pictures will show what games and things they did for it, and I will put a caption on each one. Enjoy!!

First we ate dinner, but we wanted to do it
to go with the "guide dog" theme, so they did
a blind fold dinner.

After that we played "pin the harness on the dog", of course you remember the other game
"pin the tail on the donkey" well we
changed it some!

And this is what it should look like!

Next we played "kennel in", some may
know but that command is used for the crate.
When our trainer wants us to go into the crate,
they say "kennel in", well they went up to the
top of the stairs put there blind folds on and
tried to "kennel in" the toy dogs my trainer
had by dropping them down the stairs ( with
animal crate at the bottom), most people
missed but a couple got it!

Once we finished that, we did another game
that we called "alive maze" they put there blind folds on and tried to walk from the bath

After they did all of that they came back to
the table to do a word search, not just any
word search though. My trainer's mother
made this one all about guide dogs!

And of course there was presents to open!
One of my trainer's friends gave her a dog toy,
but it wasn't just any toy, her friend sewed it
for her!

And yes after presents came cake!
And of course this cake is a GUIDE DOG
cake!! Made by my trainer and her mother.
And she even put a guide dog coat on it.

Well they said it was really good, but how would
I know!?!?

For breakfast the next morning they had
omelets (made by her brother), and they
used a bone and a dog cookie cutter to shape them!


SARAH said...

Oh that is such an awesome theme! I love it! and the games were so creative, like the "kennel in" game. How neat! Glad your trainer enjoyed her party, sorry you didn't get any cake, but maybe next time :)

Sarah and Shadow said...

Looks like it was a blast! Too bad I missed it! (Oh I saw your trainer's mom and sister today!)