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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Liberty is here!!

My trainer & her family went to go pick up Liberty Friday afternoon.

She sleeps a lot, but I have gotten her up to play with sometimes.
My trainer took me and Liberty with her and her family to a Karate tournament yesterday, it was right after my puppy training class (different post coming soon:), we were there all day but my trainer took me and Liberty outside to the playground for a little while. I went down a slide more than 4 times, I think it was my first time ever doing that!!

She is very cute, but very small so my trainer is always telling me to be careful around her.

I will be doing a post about the Karate tournament soon too (with pictures:), but for now enjoy all the movies and photos of Liberty, (and me!).


Liberty says
"I'll grow into it."


Me & Liberty

Yes she really has her head on my leg!

The first time Liberty chewed on her bone!!

It's play time!

And again...

Liberty playing around- the end is the best:)

Liberty playing with MY toy


Anonymous said...

So CUTE! It's hard to imagine that such a little cutie pie will get so BIG! That car video was funny ;)
Anna Marie

Aki said...

hello friends..

thank you for dropping by our bloggie and sharing your kind words on my brother Y.Y's passing.

we are grateful for the concern and sympathy that you have shown. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

thank you so much.

drooly kisses,

Aki, Poopie and Micchi

The Goose said...

Wow she is cute, it is going to be fun having a new dog around...