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Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 months!

*(Written by Toby's Raiser)*
Wow, Toby turned 10 months yesterday, really TEN MONTHS!
It's quite hard for me to believe, it seems like just last week I was carrying him in my arms, cuddling his little head in my lap.
He has grown so much since then!

At times he may do something "wrong" but he is my baby, my spoiled dog (well I wish, but alas he's not allowed on my bed, the chair or the drivers seat!).

Toby is really doing well with his training, he enjoys the harness and thinks it's wonderful that he gets to wear it in public!
I would like to include some words about Toby, so here goes -
10 words for 10 months

Toby (Kinda obvious!)
Energetic (For the days he makes 30 laps around the INSIDE of the house...)
Nosily adorable (For his cute nose always being their to cheer us up!)
Mainly the same (Though he's grown large & more obedient he really is the same dog)
Obedient (He really trys to please me with his obedience!)
Neatly Nice (He gets more compliments than I do when we are in town!)
aTtentive (At times he may "ignore" me, but for the most part he is an attentive dog)
Handsome (Many compliments from the public for this one)
Silly (Every dog has their "thing", Toby's includes being "silly")

Now to prove you just read the above "10 words for 10 months" you should be thinking something along the lines of "Where is the tenth word for the tenth month?".
Am I right?
If not then you did just go back and count the words, right!?

You wanna know why?

I tried to figure out what ten words to list for this post, when Toby turned 8 months I used the letters in "Guide Dog", which equaled 8 words.
I didn't want to do just random words, so I thought about using "Ten Months", then noticed that it was only 9 letters.
I decided that 9 letters will have to do.
So the tenth word is "invisible" (you may have figured it out by now!), while in public if Toby is under a table, in a rest room, or in a store many people never noticed Toby. 'Til he walked right in front of them.
I had 1 person that was sitting behind us in a class room, and not once for the whole hour did they realize a dog was under the table!
At our house "invisible" is something we NEVER see!

I hope you enjoyed the "ten words", I enjoy figuring them out!
Toby had his 10 month pictures taken today (so really they would be 10 month & ONE day pictures!).

All the below pictures (besides Toby & the car) were taken with my awesomely cool gorillapod, it is quite helpful when I can't find a person to go with me and take pictures!
Please enjoy all the pictures!

And I would like to wish Toby and all of his siblings (Rocky, Duchess, Cassidy & Spike) a HAPPY TEN MONTHS!!

Toby's Raiser
"The Human that has a dog with a blog"

For the following pictures Toby is in harness, and the background is the sky & trees, both of us are sitting in the grass)

(Close up black/white picture of Toby & I sitting, I am looking at the camera while Toby is "gazing" off)

(Black/white picture of Toby & I, Toby's in a sit, and I am crouching beside him, both of us are gazing off to the right)

(Black/white picture of Toby "kissing" my chin, he is in a stand, while I am crouching in front of him, I am peaking at the camera, and he is looking at me)

(Black/white picture of Toby & I, he is in a stand looking at me, while I am crouching down looking straight at him)

(Black/white picture of Toby & I; Toby's in a stand, I am crouching down beside him and we are both "smiling" at the camera)

(COLOR! Picture of Toby & I, Toby is in a stand beside me, I am kneeling down, we are both looking at the camera)

These last 2 pictures are of Toby with the NEW car.

Yes the NEW CAR, we just got a lime green Honda Element today!

(Close up of Toby's front legs & face, he is beside the front right tire of the green element, he is gazing to the right)

(Toby in a stand in the front of the green element, he is staring at the camera)


Ro said...

Hehehe very clever there, I like it ;)

Hey, isn't the Element an electric car? Oooh those get my haunches up. But, I know you'll be a good example of an electric car driver, if that is in fact an electric car. Tip, if you're at an intersection and you notice a blind person, turn your radio up and roll the window down, so the blind person can hear you :)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

No it's not. (I did just check to make sure:)
Our guide dog school actually bought an electric car for training the guide dogs to look for a car, not just listen.

Toby's Raiser

Ro said...

Oh ok, I thought it was. Yes, the dogs look for them, but the handler has to be able to read traffic and give the forward command, so it's definitely a joint effort. GDB has a hybrid too, to scare us, er, teach us hahaha!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a inkhredible and pawesome post!

Such a special way of demonstrating such a wonderful relationship!

The tenth word was a stroke of khanine genius ;-)

PeeEssWoo: Khongrats on the new vehikhle!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Happy 10 months!!! What a cute list - and I like the invisible one! :D

Lauren and Don said...

Happy 10 months! I enjoyed your list- especially the invisible one (very creative!) I can't believe how big he is! What a handsome boy- he has a certain regal look about him that I love.

Dory and the Mama said...

What a great post! I love the pictures of you and Toby!

Dory and the Mama

Becky said...

Happy 10months Toby - great list and sounds like you are doing so well!

Clive said...


Congrats on 10 months and a brillant list!

We especially love the invisible one! We were having lunch today in a hotel and it was so funny for the NSLM's Mom to watch the reactions on the faces of the other diners when we got up to leave after an hour and a half. They had no idea I had been under the table all that time.

Being 'invisible' is such an important part of the job at times!

take care

Piappies World said...

Happy 10 months, Toby!
We also like the list. Toby is really growing up more handsome and adorable!

-Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies