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Saturday, January 30, 2010

White... SNOW!!

(Black/white picture of Toby's head with
snow in the background, you can also see
his leather collar & black leash)

You may remember the post I did back in December 2009, how I only got "ice" snow, (all you could do was slip & slide!).

Well yesterday it snowed, yes SNOWED, no fake snow like before, real flaky white snow!

Today (Saturday) my raiser's plans had been canceled (as the weather was too bad), so she took me way out back to go sledding! Taking the camera with her too!
She got her sister to take some videos of her & I sledding together (yeah...), I mostly just pushed her down the hill, and then ran "somewhat" beside her! She did have to remind me that the sled is NOT for chewing on, though I think it tasted pretty good!

I was wearing a long red leash while out playing, so she didn't have to worry about me running away (we were in a fenced in area too), not that I would run away (...) my raiser just likes to be on the safe side!

Please note that I was NOT pulling my raiser at ANY times with any of my pawsome strength, (though it may look like I am pulling her down the hill, I'm definantly not!!).

After some fun sledding she let me play "fetch" (for me it's "go get it", don't worry I'm not learning to "fetch" like real dogs!). My raiser thought it was really funny to watch me catch a piece of snow she threw, and then me not be able to find it; I just thought it was plain fun!

Enjoy the many movies & pictures my raiser attached below, (You may notice that I'm wearing different collars in different pictures, the one's of me wearing my pawsome red leather collar were taken up at the house, the ones of me wearing a pink collar were taken down where we were sledding)

Did you get any snow? Feel free to comment away!

Have a pawsome snowy weekend:)

Toby The dog with a blog

(Picture of Toby eating snow, you can see his long red leash in front of him, and a happy face on him!)

(Picture taken from the side, you can see Toby's head & pink collar (yes pink...), Toby's looking straight ahead at my sister who's sledding)

(Picture of Toby & I, Toby's in a stand beside me, I'm laying down on a yellow sled, we're both looking at the camera)

(Picture of Toby eating snow, his red collar & black leash are also very visible in the picture)

Above, (Toby following me down the hill; he is running beside the sled, which I am on, you also notice to the left side there is a "round metal thing" we sometimes use it as a "tunnel" to sled through)

Above, (Toby "fetching" the snow I threw for him, he was really enjoying the "icy treat"!)

Above, (Toby in a sit-stay on a blue sled, I am pulling the sled, while holding Toby's lead, we are going VERY slow. You may notice that Toby comes 1 sec before I called him... he didn't like the idea of sledding very much!)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope Toby enjoyed MY snow!

I didn't get any but it is furry pawesome to see him having such fun!

I think he wants to pull the sled!

He's a working breed after all!


Sonic said...

Snow looks fun!


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Oh, how fun!!! You can keep the snow - we are tired of it up here!!! :D But glad you got some quality fun in!

Clive said...


What brillant fun you had in the snow!

take care

Becky said...

We also received snow today. Cricket loves to run up and down the hill in our backyard in the snow.

Life With Dogs said...

It is so much fun to not get buried in snow and have a chance to watch everyone else enjoying it for a change. Go Toby! :)