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Saturday, January 16, 2010

An icy update, continued...

For this post, it may be more like an "icy adventure".

You may remember my last post (when I went ice skating), and when you read it you either thought it was a cool/interesting post, or you thought I was mean leaving a cliffhanger like I did...

"And I won't even start the story of what happened on our way home from the ice rink,

Lets just say the policeman & paramedics were quite nice..."

So right about now you guys are all probably wondering what happened, right??

Here is the story of my "ice adventure" (it wasn't icy outside, but the name sounds cool!).

On the way home from ice skating we hit a car- who had hit a car in front of him, another car in front of him, and a car hit us from behind. (speed limit was 55).

We were on the "side" of the road for more than an hour, as to police had to get information, and such.

No one was hurt in the accident, but there were some achy necks & sore backs...

All the cars were towed away, which means we were left without a way to get home.

The area coordinator for our guide dog group happened to be in the area, and she was kind enough to take us home!

Our car ended up being totaled, as the car behind us hit our trailer hitch- which drove that into the back of our car, (not to metion their was some front damage!).

I'm not really enjoying "car shopping", it's not near as fun as it may sound!

As you may tell in the pictures, the bumper of the car we hit is still attached to the front of our car!

Hope you guys all followed the story.

I heard that I will be going to a "mall walk" for guide dog training today, it sure sounds fun!


The dog with a blog

(The front end of our Orange Element, you can see the other cars bumper on our car, and some damage to the front)

(close up on the side of the Element).

(2 pictures of the trailer hitch INSIDE the car, pushing up the spare tire!).


Ro said...

Oh my goodness how absolutely terrifying. I'm so glad everyone is ok, yikes!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are sorry fur your loss BUT furry furry happy woo are all okay!


Mango said...

Oh ick! That is so scary. I like to ride all the way back against the rear door of my element. Momma worries what might happen if we ever got hit from behind, but not much she can do about that. I am just glad everybody is OK.


CD McLean said...

Not fun! I'm so glad that everyone is safe and sound though. I remember making a fast stop on the high way with Bingo in the car. I was going to school and have my school bag on the passenger seat. It went straight into the foot area where he was! He was very surprised, but remained calm. I'm sure you did as well. 8-)

Becky said...

Oh dear - I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad everyone is okay.

Sonic said...

Wow that would've been scary! I guess this is why my Humans always tell me not to chase cars.

Glad everyone's okay though...


Cassie said...

Oh no! That's really scary :( I'm so happy that no one was seriously injured and I hope you find a new car soon!