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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Walk-A-Thon 2010...

...IS HERE!! (I also turned 11 months today!).
Waking up around 7 this morning, after feeding & such we headed over to the fairgrounds for SEGDI's 24th annual WALK-A-THON!!
The weather caught up with us - and it was COLD and wet :(
That of course did not stop us from walking. We met up with our group and once the walk started we were off!
My Raiser got to work with me on pulling. Pulling & dog distraction are 2 problems she has had with me. But I've not had much problems with the doggy distraction, as my Raiser has been working with me on that. After the 2+ mile walk I was doing great with walking, and NOT pulling! My Raiser was happy, & I got treats :)
Each year down at WAT they have "Silent Auctions". They had 30+ gift baskets (all donated). You could walk around, and if you really liked one you signed your name/number & price. Some items went really high!
My Raiser "won" a spa basket for me, (she will post a picture of it later). And the basket she made sold for $50! (Picture of it below).
They were offering free massages, so my Raiser thought it would be a "great" idea for me to have one. I did end up liking it (and the people), after a while, they were soo kind!
My Raiser met new people, I made new friends, & most of all we had FUN!!
Please enjoy the pictures, don't forget my Raiser tags them for me:)
We sure had a Super "Soaked" Saturday, hope you did too! (without the soaked)
(Pictures taken later today will be posted by my Raiser if I don't get time tonight)

The dog with a blog

Picture of Toby and I, I'm wearing jeans, a pink jacket, and a coat. Toby is wearing his uniform.  A lake is behind us

Picture of Toby and I with the Start/Finish sign. I'm looking at the camera, Toby's watching a dog

Picture of a sign in front of the lake. It says - Warning No Swimming, No Nadar. And has a picture of an Alligator on itPicture of Toby and I, with Liz and Sparkie. Liz is a PR in our group, Sparkie is a puppy in training, and is a male black lab. We are stopped on the road
Toby and I with Ellen and Bingo.  Ellen is a PR in our group, Bingo's a female black lab.  The lake is the background

Picture of some people in our group walking.  Dogs in the picture are Tina, Bingo, Sparkie, and Toby
Close up picture of Toby and I walking.

Picture of a cute white doggy Toby made friends with, he is wearing a red shirt
Close up picture of the gift basket my Raiser made. (Homemade goat milk soaps). A cute Lab puppy, dog bones, luffa, waves and such

Picture of Toby and I with another PR we met. She has a dog with her too, but she is not in training
Picture of Toby with the nice people who gave him a massage. Toby is still laying on the table
Group picture. Dogs seen are Rocky, J.J, Bingo, Sparkie, Toby and Tina

Close up black/white picture of Toby in the hotel room. Yes he is sleeping!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Sorry 'bout the wet stuff but woo ARE waterdogs!

That was a pawesome basket -
AND how khool it sold fur soooo much!

I bet woo will sleep so furry well tonight!

AND Happy 11/12ths Barkday to woo!


Sonic said...

So many dogs! And I can't believe you're 11 months old! That means I'm 2 months older than you, but you're so big!

Like Khyra said, I bet you'll sleep well tonight!


Piappies World said...

Hello Toby,

Happy 11th Month Barkday! You are just a month older than us. Coolness! Congratulations on your walk-a-thon. That's a lot of pups there. Fun Fun Fun!

Your spa basket makes us look forward to lots of pawpering from mommy. Weeeee

-Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

Mango said...

We like silent auctions, especially when we WIN! I am sure you will figure out that whole pulling thing, just keep listening to your handler.


Kari in WeHo said...

looks like lots of tiring fun even in the rain!

Twinkietinydog said...

Thanks for posting all this fun photos of all the fun you had at the walk-a-thon! And let's not forget ourselves here: Happy birthday! We can celebrate the weeks too, if you like. The months are long.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Toby,

Love all those pictures of you! Looks like everyone had a fun time - even if you did all get a bit wet!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane
ps. Happy 11th Month Birthday!

Cassie said...

I love the basket and think the massage is a fantastic idea! I'm sure both my pups would love one!