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Monday, March 1, 2010

Letters From Camp...

Hey guys, Toby's Raiser here. Toby started his puppy camp last night around 7pm.
I will miss him (I already do!), but I'm lucky enough for him to have gone to a family who plans on letting Toby send updates!
Here is a letter I just received from my big boy, please enjoy!

hello mom...

Camp is ok... the food is somehow the same so that is good. I slept in a big kennel last night with my bones and bed. It was my first night, but I didn't even whine- just ate my biscuit and went to sleep-- mostly... I was tired after a good long walk through the camp neighborhood.

Today I got to meet the other kids who live here... zak is five today... I think I smell cake. He makes a lot of high pitched noises which get me a little excited. almost like the puppies..oh... the puppies. There are two little little little tiny puppies here at camp, too. I think they're too small to be here (they look like small kittens!), but the humans said they didn't have a home so will be here at camp with me for another week or so... I tried to play with them... but they are a little small for my masculine figure!! Oh.. Jena is the other kid at camp... she is seven.... much calmer than zak. She will be a good playmate I think. Am I big for my age? Everyone here is surprised how big and strong I am already. (It's cool being the biggest kid!)

A bunch of human kids came over this morning and we went to the bus stop together... I liked sniffing everything... but you know I do... No goats here yet, but I saw an Emu down the street. Maybe I'll get to smell it later.

Well, gotta go, mom. I am told I have to help vacuum now... something about a birthday party later.... Yippeee! Maybe I'll earn a biscuit badge by lunch. I miss you of course, but I'm doin good so far. You know, mom... I AM almost one already....
More soon.
Your dog son..

P.S. we'll send pictures soon...

Enjoy it?
So heart warming isn't it!

attached below is the LAST picture I got of my sweet boy...
Tomorrow is the day Toby's sister Duchess will be coming into our home. We don't know if she will be staying the whole 3 weeks, as she is due to come into heat anytime. If she does then she will be going back home.
I will post more updates from Toby when I receive them, and Duchess will be taking over the blog when she gets here.

P.S. "Letters From Camp" will be the name of posts that have letters from Toby in them.

Stay tune for more!

Toby's Raiser
The human without a dog who has a blog

Picture of a gray truck in the dark.  You can see glowing eyes inside, and a dogs head. That's Toby

Picture of the gift basket I won from the silent auction.  You can see towels, the Furminator (a really good shedding brush), pedi paws (we will see how Toby likes that!), shampoo, dog treats, tooth brush/paste, and it is all in a really cool box that says BATH


Dory and the Mama said...

Hang in there!! Can't wait to hear about Duchess~~


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

You'll do great, Toby!

Twinkietinydog said...

You, we, are so lucky! What a fantastic and sweet update! I love those people and your boy is having a good time with plenty of distractions including small rescues and children. Best news anybody would have hoped for. Cheer up :)

Clive said...

Best of luck to Toby!

That was a great letter you got from him! It can't be easy!

Looking forward to hearing about Duchess.

take care
Clive and the NSLM

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That was a furry pawesome letter Toby sent woo from khamp!

Thanks fur sharing!


Sonic said...

Oh that's so sweet of Toby to write to you! I bet he misses you a lot more than what he says in the letter. He might be the biggest and strongest boy there, but he's just a big sweetie!