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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laineys Pawtique & Bakery - Review

Hey furry friends!
My awesome raiser has been busy setting up reviews (and GIVEAWAYS) with some dog type items (treats/collars/leashes - such) to do on our blog. After my awesome
Holiday Contest/Giveaway
ends; we'll be doing some fun little giveaways!
Laineys Pawtique & Bakery
was the first shop my raiser was talking with. This place happens to be a bakery that makes... DOG TREATS!
We received a packaged from them in the mail yesterday; and much to my raiser's surprise - the very cute
Stuffed Doggie Bag was pulled from the box. We were only expecting a couple treats to sample; not a whole gift!

My raiser let me try one of the treats this morning (movie below); and I surprised her- buy not gobbling the treat down in zero seconds - instead I made it last for a WHOLE 2 seconds :)

My raiser is in love with the item we received - and if I wasn't reviewing it; she would have saved it for my Christmas stocking!

Laineys Pawtique & Bakery would be the perfect place to buy some furry cool gifts for Christmas - or a special treat for any day!
They have a large selection of treats for sale (that are very tasty...) and with the item we received; our baggy of dog treats had a large variety of dog treats in it! Each one is somewhat different - some are soft - and some are nice and crunchy!

Make sure to stop by Laineys Pawtique & Bakery to view her tasty items; or go order one of her Stuffed Doggie bags - to receive the same item I reviewed! (I know you want to be just like me...)

Some quick words from my raiser:

Hey guys!

I think this is Rudy's favorite review item - as he gets to TASTE the treats for the review :) He did an excellent job with this review; and I know he give her store 4 paws up!

I've had great contact with the owner; and she is very nice! I was just expecting to receive some dog treats to review - not a whole gift! This stuffed doggie bag was soo cute; and Rudy loved it - her treats are very adorable; and are great for a special treat for Rudy. They are all "1 of a kind" treats - and she does have many different styles in there. Thanks so much to Laineys Pawtique & Bakery, for letting us review the Stuffed Doggie bag, your shop & products are amazing!

Back to Rudy:

I hope all my furry friends enjoy the furry cool pictures AND movies below;

Thank you so much Laineys Pawtique & Bakery; for letting me review one of your items; this is the BEST review I've every done :)

Furry Thanks for reading!

BTW - if you haven't already entered my Holiday Contest/Giveaway make sure to do so soon - as it ends TOMORROW night!


The dog with a blog

Picture of the very cute Stuffed doggie & treats that we received
Picture of the stuffed Santa dog we received in the mail - it's still in the box with pretty green tissue paper around it!
Close up picture of the puppy's treat bagPicture of the treats we received in the mail

(Movie of Rudy "meeting" & sniffing the stuffed doggie & treats)

(Movie of me giving Rudy a cute little doggy treat)


I'm Mommy's Little Pooh ... Lainey said...

AWWWW Rudy is Adorable!!! and he was VERY nice about the taking of cookies~ we have to check fingers when we give treats~ I am so happy that The Gift was enjoyed by All. Thank you for the oppurtunity :O) Lainey says HoOoOWwWwLlLS

Doris Sturm said...

I enjoyed those video clips. Rudy is adorable and what a good boy he is too. I love him!

Hound Girl said...

We love getting mail and being treat testers is even better!

Benny and Lily said...

Wow Rudy those treats sure look good. We love the stuffie
Benny & Lily

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I bet one of those would perfekht fur dessert right now!

Great post about them!


Oskar said...

That looks super cool! Rudy sure is a good boy.

Nubbin wiggles,

Mango said...

Nice to see PeeWee isn't the only labragoon that is still working on the gentle command. I thought you guys were supposed to have soft mouths but frankly I am surprised that momma has any fingers left at all.

Thanks for the great review. I might just order some nommies for myself.