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Monday, June 2, 2008

Alone or not?

Now I am all better (hopefully!)

I got sick Friday night and Saturday morning... and did a "big" in my crate, it was really loose and had blood in it, so I was taken to the vet later Saturday (mind you right when we'd get back home we have had to run out again to go to a graduation and dinner). Well my trainer didn't want to take me with her as the sickness might be contagious to other dogs (there is a service dog in our church) and people (everyone likes to pet me and sometimes doesn't ask). So, we called our area coordinator to ask permission to board me. BOARD ME! Out of all things my trainer planned on leaving ME at the vet. The shots are bad enough but staying there over night, is my trainer going crazy!

Yes I stayed over night, I am still alive and in one piece, but still I had to be in a kennel with no people there, just dogs. So pretty much, I was alone!

Since yesterday after my trainer picked me up I have not had anymore accidents and when I went outside it wasn't loose.



Shadow said...

I was real glad when I heard you got better! I hope you don't get sick anymore! I've been praying for you! :)

Arturo said...

Aw the vet. I love that place! Except this one time I had to go there, and they brought me in this big sterile room and put me up on this big table, and that's all I remember until waking up in a crate, feeling sore and like I was missing a little something. But I went home the next day, and mom said the only difference is I won't be having any puppies. But yes, vet visits can be full of surprises.

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to feel well!