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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey guys!

I went to a rodeo with my trainer's family yesterday and had a blast!!
There grass tastes soo good and the food...

Well we were there for over 4 hours! I did soo good, well I we will have to talk about that later!
There were horses and cows there, I even had horses galloping right in front of me, but its not like I have never seen I horse before - we do own 2.

I think I liked the greasy pig chase the most, they let out a greasy pig and over 100 kids were after it and 1 of those 100 have to catch it! The poor little pig didn't even have time to run before the kids came after him. It was quite funny even if my trainer's sister didn't win!

I also got to watch barrel racing team roping, bull riding, and bronco riding (horses), and at the beginning I even got to see a parade of horses with flags!

Look at the bottom for pictures, the only pictures of me though are just looking at horses so you won't get any pictures of me and a horse.


Watching the horses


Bucking broncos


Shadow said...

Wow Frankie sounds like a lot of fun! My owners have always wanted to go to a rodeo, but they were always busy when one came to town. Today they went to a wedding it would have been better if I could have come, everything's better with dogs!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Wish I've could have come; maybe next year!

Shadow said...

Are regular dogs allowed?

Andros said...

That looks fun!

The Brax Blog said...

Yes pet dogs are allowed but they would rather you leave your dog at home.
I saw a couple there, but most of them were herding dogs.


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Wow! That's a lot of stimulus for a little puppy. Good job, Frankie.

Kelsey and Spike said...

Good job Frankie for being so good at the rodeo. They're pretty fun and exciting! :D