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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puppy class 3

Hey guys!

I'm a little behind on the post for puppy class 3, but I am just getting the photos downloaded now.

It was a lot of fun, and we have started (since puppy class 2) working outside. Its quite hot out, and they are trying to get the dogs ready for all the heat down in FL when they return. It was really hot when we went in May, so I wonder how hot its going to be at the fourth puppy class!
We worked around cones, and on some different surfaces like a tarp, a crate taken apart so you can feel the metal, towels and a couple other things. Some dogs shyied away and wouldn't go over them, but me... I went over them right away not even noticing them! Though the whole class I sounded like a horse, since I was pulling so much (or so my trainer says). My trainer noticed that my siblings and other puppies the same age are wearing collars that are nylon with a little bit of chain for the lead.
go to: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.aspdept_id=251&pf_id=0062 to see what it looks like if you don't understand what collar I am talking about.
Well my trainer got one of those kind of collars to help my pulling (I am not allowed to wear a choke chain collar in till I am over 6 months) so she bought a blue half nylon, half chain, collar. It's worked real well, and has helped my pulling a lot. She still looks forward to getting the choke chain collar though!!
Go to the end of the post to see pictures:)


Doing figure eights around cones, (I am at the
end of the line)

waiting in line to go around the cones (note: one cone has a ball on it, the others have really good looking treats!)

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Shadow said...

Cool! Puppy class sounds neat. (but I do have to admit that I would be one to shy away from that kind of stuff too!) In the 1st picture you and your trainer turned your heads just as the camera snapped! Sounds like you've been doing well, Frankie, keep up the good work!