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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm back!!!

Hey guys!
I finally came back! Though I really had fun at the other persons house I still missed my trainer. I wish J.J. could have stayed a day longer, then I could have had a dog to play with for a little while...

My trainer has already gotten some pictures of me, and also a movie of me walking on the treadmill! I heard from her that J.J. didn't like that, how could he not?? I LOVE it. I mean if my trainer lets me walk on it for hours I might, (well maybe not that long...) but anyways I love treadmills. J.J must not be a real dog on the outside, (or just is faking it so he get to sleep longer!).

The only thing I don't like about it is if you go on a walk down the road normally you would pass a couple dogs, right? Well if you are on a treadmill the only dog you would pass is you (if there is a mirror right beside you!). But it is still fun.

I heard a rumor of me going to a place where my trainer shows her goats. I know Brax went to one last year.


Don't you just love tread mills!?!?

I am back to my old self!

And chewing on my feet(it tastes good, my trainer always said I can't bring my toy with me into public unless I carry them...)!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photos of me saying good bye...

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Bye Bye :(

I am sorry to say that this will be my last post(besides the post with a slide show that I will be posting shortly). I will be leaving in just 1 day, and will miss this place a lot! I love it here. The animals are soo nice (besides the goose, and a goat named Kiddy); I have made lots of new friends. Maybe my puppy raiser (not Frankie's trainer) could go out of town in a couple months so I could come and stay with Frankie's trainer for a week !?!? I think it is a good idea, and Frankie would love another dog around the house!

I am only attaching 1 photo, since my trainer and her siblings took a whole bunch of pictures of me my trainer has decided to do a slide show! she will post that for me after this post.

Enjoy, and I hope to be posting again on this blog someday...


This is how I think you should use

a tread mill!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

J.J. movies!

My trainer (for now) has been trying to get some movies of me doing commands. She has gotten three: one of me doing "down, stay, come" , one of "down, under" , and one of " stand, stay, heel".
Though I need work on my "stand" command I am doing really good! I don't look very happy in these movies since my trainer woke me from my nap to take them, but I got lots of praise afterwards so I am now happy!


"down, stay, come"

"down, under"

"stand, stay, heel"

"find the door, switch, find the stairs"

Friday, October 10, 2008

My trainer's birthday party!!

My trainer's birthday was a week or 2 ago and so was her party! She hadn't decided on her theme until 2 days before the party! But lucky for me she chose a guide dog theme party! The pictures will show what games and things they did for it, and I will put a caption on each one. Enjoy!!

First we ate dinner, but we wanted to do it
to go with the "guide dog" theme, so they did
a blind fold dinner.

After that we played "pin the harness on the dog", of course you remember the other game
"pin the tail on the donkey" well we
changed it some!

And this is what it should look like!

Next we played "kennel in", some may
know but that command is used for the crate.
When our trainer wants us to go into the crate,
they say "kennel in", well they went up to the
top of the stairs put there blind folds on and
tried to "kennel in" the toy dogs my trainer
had by dropping them down the stairs ( with
animal crate at the bottom), most people
missed but a couple got it!

Once we finished that, we did another game
that we called "alive maze" they put there blind folds on and tried to walk from the bath

After they did all of that they came back to
the table to do a word search, not just any
word search though. My trainer's mother
made this one all about guide dogs!

And of course there was presents to open!
One of my trainer's friends gave her a dog toy,
but it wasn't just any toy, her friend sewed it
for her!

And yes after presents came cake!
And of course this cake is a GUIDE DOG
cake!! Made by my trainer and her mother.
And she even put a guide dog coat on it.

Well they said it was really good, but how would
I know!?!?

For breakfast the next morning they had
omelets (made by her brother), and they
used a bone and a dog cookie cutter to shape them!

J.J update!!

Me doing "down under"

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, my trainer (even though it's just for a few weeks I like to call her that) has been VERY busy (getting ready for petting zoos, going to and having birthday party's), so I have not been allowed on the computer.
Right know she has some time though and gave me just a couple minutes on here.
I am doing fine, since my trainer is very busy with stuff she keeps me busy. I mean if she has a petting zoo I am very busy letting people pet me!!! I have been doing good with my training, so my trainer says. She is teaching me the "down under " command. I am good at it! I do the command "heel" very well, but still am learning "easy"! I think my trainer doesn't get the point that I like to pull, but I guess when it gets down to it I will end up learning the command. Next week I will be returning to my original puppy raiser. I can't wait to see her, though I miss her a lot I will end up missing my family here (yes, even including the pig). I will try to get my trainer to get some movies of me doing commands and such for you. And hopefully I will be able to post them soon!

Me wearing sunglasses (notice I am winking!)

I love my trainer's family!

Sometimes their house dog just isn't funny!

Me at the Chiropractor

My trainer said I could send a kiss to my puppy raiser..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

J.J and Milo

Ever since I came to Frankie's house there has been this ANNOYING pig, and when I say it I mean it!! This pig can give your whole body a rub down in less than 1 minute!! Frankie's trainer got a movie of him giving me a rub down, I have had to put up with this for a whole week, I might not have any hair when I got back to my raiser!!

Anyway Frankie's trainer wanted to get some good pictures of me and the pig (ones where I am not biting the pig and the pig isn't rubbing me!), these are the 2 best ones she got, I think they turned out pretty good for a pig (well and me, but I AM the good looking one!!).

A couple days ago Frankie's trainer put the pig outside in the baby goat pen, so it isn't always in the house. But when she went to go check on it she found it herding the baby goats around the pen!! Before puting the pig in the pen with the goats she was thinking about just puting him in his own pen, since her other pig (who is not 3-4 years old) was put in with the baby goats when it was young, but it turned out the pig liked "hurt"ing the baby goats not herding!! I think she did the right thing, Milo sure looks cute herding goats!!


I think this would look good framed!!

Sorry for the green and red eyes, but it is
a good picture!!

The "rub down"!