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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Monday, February 28, 2011

A (QUICK) Blast in the Past - and Welcome back RUDY!

Hey furry friends! It's me... RUDY. (Didn't know if you guys would remember my name), I was gone SOO long at that thing called "puppy swap" and you guys got updates from my bro "Al".
But I REALLY hope you guys missed me, you did... right??

Please note the title on this post "A (QUICK) Blast in the Past" - that means the "blast in the past" will be QUICK. Wanna know why??
Because it's NOT about me :( I told my raiser, if this post isn't going to be about me... it better be quick. So she promised it would.

BUT, before I continue on with "A (QUICK) Blast in the Past" - I'm reminding all you guys out there, that my Valentine's Giveaway, ends TOMORROW! You just have to leave a comment (on that post) if you want to enter... so make sure to ENTER before it's to late!

On to the QUICK, (very quick... and nothing BUT quick) blast in the past...
If you remember correctly, my raiser did promise that she'd post some more pictures of "Al ", the dog she had during the 2 week puppy swap. (since she didn't have time to let Al post all the pictures).
The pictures in this post, are of a shopping trip... to Mary Joe's. My raiser & Al had to pick up a couple things, so off they went to Mary Joe's.
So the pictures below... are NOT of me, sorry!

I do hope you enjoy the pictures below, and I do plan on posting pictures of ME, furry soon!
Don't forget that my giveaway end tomorrow!

Rudy - The dog with a blog

Picture of Al in a stand-stay in harness/coat, waiting for the forward command - there is also lots of tassels behind him
Picture of Al in a down-stay inside Mary Joe'sPicture of Al in a sit-stay in harness/coat, behind him is many roles of fabric
Picture of Al looking at different colors of thread
I think Al was trying to convince my raiser to make him some stuffies... why else would you need fabric, thread and TASSELS! (Which BTW - tassels make THE BEST chewy things)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Da Banquet... (By Rudy)

Rudy here... yes, I'M BACK!! Did ya miss me??

Lots of updates (and pictures) coming furry soon, but fur now - this post is going to be all about the banquet... to celebrate the Great Race for Bunny and Pip.

I heard that they had some furry cool coaches... (Puddles and Roo Roo)

Picture of Roo and Puddles

But on to the GOOD PART...

My Raiser & I (of course) had to go shopping for some GOOD food
Picture of Rudy in a down-stay in coat, beside him (on the right) is a shopping basket... the main thing visible is oreos!

I decided on bringing some very tasty drinks...
Picture of 4 random drinks

And we even brought HUGE hamburgers... for everybody to share! (want some...)
Picture of a extremely tall hamburger

For dessert - we brought DOGGY cupcakes :)
Pictures of REAL dog cupcakes - they look so tasty!

And for all those dogs that like cereal/munchies... I picked up some before heading to the banquet!
Picture of some random names for dog cereal
For my clothing...
I decided to wear my BEST fuzzy sweater, for this wonderful occasion...
Picture of Rudy wearing a pink sweater - picture is black/white
I'm off to go visit some other doggies attending, it's good fur me to get out and talk to some furiends! (After, I head over and eat a hamburger or 2... and I think I heard tail, that another blogger will be bringing Cheetos!)
For a list of other bloggers that did a banquet post, you can view it here at Frankie Furter's blog.

And don't forget about the Auction for Richie & Ronni!!
(For all who like my raiser's Goat Milk Soap... she did donate some doggy themed soap, for the auction - so head over and bid now!)
Don't furget that my Valentine's Giveaway ends March 1st 2011... new followers are welcome to enter!
Updates AND new pictures of me, coming furry soon - and for my followers that have no idea what this "banquet" thing is... that's fine :) It took me a lot of other blog post reading; to even figure out what I was suppose to do! (Thanks Frankie!).
Happy partying! And I'm soo glad to be home! (I know my raiser is happy to see me).

Rudy - The dog with a blog

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Pizza Cook (and a sad GOOD BYE to Big Al)

(Written by Rudy's Raiser)
For all my current readers, you know that Rudy has been participating in a "puppy swap" in our guide dog group. (for 2 weeks - all the raiser's swap dogs, which helps with the dogs training and much more!) .
Rudy will be coming back tomorrow (after our guide dog meeting) and Al will be heading home.
**I've got many more pictures of Al, that I've not had time to let Al post... so we will be doing a couple more posts about him, next week, complete with pictures!
Onto my awesome Pizza Cook helper...
Tonight, is PIZZA NIGHT at our house (we make our VER OWN pizza) and Al has decided to "help" with some things...
Up close picture of Al's face - with flour ALL over it! He looks like a older dog, with grey hair
Picture of Al in a sit - behind him you can see the pizza pans and he's got flour all over his face!
He was a great helper... by NOT tasting AND ignoring the pizza/dough!
But he did seem to get a "little" bit of flour on his face (trust me, it was an accident... but makes for very cute pictures!).
Please make sure to leave a comment saying good bye to Al - he does leave tomorrow morning and I know will miss all of you!
I'll miss him for sure, but I will be doing a couple posts with pictures of him next week (Um... I never got the time to post all the pictures of Al!)
For all who have (or MAY) enter Rudy's Valentine's Giveaway (which was going to end tomorrow), please note that we are postponing the ending date... Till the FIRST of March 2011 (This coming Tuesday). Due to the fact that I'm REALLY, REALLY busy :)
And with the huge banquet and auction coming up this weekend... I know all of us will be quite busy!
So make sure to head over and enter Rudy's Giveaway... which now ends 3-1-2011.

Wishing Al a very happy but tearful Good-Bye - we will miss you dearly (and I know all of our furry awesome followers will too!), but we sure enjoyed the time you were here... and know you are dying to get back with your very own raisers!

Rudy's Raiser and... "Big" Al's Puppy Swap Handler

Liberty will sure miss you!
Picture of Al & Liberty playing - Liberty is laying upside down and Al is mouthing her
Picture of Al laying down beside Liberty - after a hard day of playing

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh Air

Fresh air is wonderful!
With this amazing weather outside, Rudy's Raiser has been taking me on lots of furry fun walks. (Not only to visit with animals - but down the road too!).

On our last trip down the road, I got a whole new FUN exposure... walking beside a stroller - with a baby in it! (A family member was baby sitting).
She was soo cute, but I did very well at ignoring her while we walked down the road... though I did want to give her lots of kisses :)
Rudy's Raiser thinks I'm doing much better with not pulling (as you can see in the video clips below), and she really enjoyed taking me on the walk.
She did decide to walk me in harness most of the time (I did get to do a "fun walk" - out of harness for a little while), as she wanted me to work "both styles" (in/out of harness) and I needed some more exposure with the harness.
All in all, she said I behaved very well - she did take some pictures (see below) that I hope you enjoy :)
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Al - Rudy's Brother

P.S. Rudy comes home THIS Saturday... which is when his Valentine's Giveaway ends - so make sure to stop by and enter!

Picture of Al in harness in a stand-stay beside the stroller & baby. My sister is holding him

Picture of Al in harness walking beside the baby stroller (I'm walking him - my sister is pushing the stroller)

Rudy's Raiser working me...

(Movie of Al & I walking down the road, Al is in harness walking beside me. We are walking away from the camera, but I then tell Al "Right about" and we then walk toward the camera - Al does very well at not pulling)

(Movie of Al (in harness) & I walking beside the baby stroller my sister is pushing - Al ignores both the stroller & baby)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(almost) Wordless Wednesday - What Happened To The Bunny?

Liberty, Red & I decided to work together... at making the bunny toy, a PERFECT toy.
We ripped her arm off... we made stuffing come out of her neck... she has no tail...
She is now a perfect bunny... what do you think?

Al - Rudy's Brother

Picture of the bunny all ripped up, with her arm (that's not attached) laying beside her
Close up picture of the bunny's neck - that white is the stuffing coming out... not her face

The tearing up process...

(Movie of Red, Liberty & Al tearing up the toy. It starts out with Al flying down the stairs - he then grabs the bunny and they are off. Please turn your speakers down... one of my family members was being a "little bit" loud - sorry!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Rudy

*(written by Rudy's Raiser)*
For all that have missed our last few posts - Rudy is attending a puppy swap (through our guide dog group) and currently, he's away at another raiser's home.
He will return to us this Saturday (after the guide dog meeting), but for now - I have "Al" (Rudy's brother) who has been doing the last couple of posts on this blog.
So for all who wonder why "Al" is writing the blog posts... well, that's why!
Rudy will be back on the blog, this weekend.
On to the updates about Rudy...
The raiser who has Rudy for the puppy swap, has noticed that Rudy (looks to have) allergies, so we've been emailing over the last couple days. (Normally you "shouldn't" have contact with the other raiser - unless it's about medical issues). In her emails, she did give me a few updates about Rudy, and sent a couple pictures too. (Updates about Rudy's allergies, coming later - though we both assume his allergies are to corn).
I'm not going to copy her whole email in this post - but I've taken a couple parts out of the email, for you guys to see.

"Rudy is having a blast being at our house. He has made friends with the two labs across the street and has outsmarted the younger one when it comes to playing with the toy. He spent most of the afternoon outside hanging in the backyard with his new friends. Rudy was a very good boy at church this morning and slept right through all the kids dancing and singing. I am guessing he knows that Ely can’t play with him (he tried though by taking him a toy last night) but today he has not messed with Ely at all."

"He loves running around our backyard and has been enjoying the warmer weather.

He is past out asleep right now, he went to Costco and to the vet to pick up some meds for Ely this afternoon. Then he played outside before we went for a walk. He was very good laying still while I got pictures printed. He loved the walk in refrigerator"

"I can certainly see the golden in him! (Mostly in his personality)"

"Rudy is a sweet guy and loves to be touched. He has really good house manners so far"

Those are just some parts taken out of our email conversation, I do hope you guys enjoyed the (short) update.

Pictures below are of Rudy (not Al) and were taken by the Raiser that Rudy is currently staying with, during the puppy swap.

The raiser who currently has Rudy, also keeps a blog. And she just happened to do a post this morning, all about Rudy - so make sure to check it out!

Rudy returns this Saturday (when his Valentine's Giveaway ends). Enjoy the pictures below, have a great Monday!

Rudy's Raiser

Picture of Rudy in coat in a sit/stay. He's got his happy face on... and looks to be smiling
Picture of Rudy sitting, inside the raiser's home

Picture of Rudy (on LEFT) and another black dog (on right) in a sit-stay. Both were playing in the raiser's fenced in, backyard

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping Day

FINALLY the post with pictures of my shopping day :)
Rudy's Raiser didn't "have time" yesterday, to let me do the post - but she's finally letting me today.
I had a whole lot of fun shopping last week, since Rudy's Raiser was finally feeling better (she was sick ALL WEEK) she decided it was time to get me out and work me some. Which I was quite glad about.
She worked me in many different stores - but only took pictures in the first one (so she could then have more time for working me in the other stores).
She says I behave very well in town, I'm quite calm and don't pull near as much with the coat/harness on. BUT I still don't listen well, when she tells me commands (sit/down/stand/etc) - so she has to give me many reminders... but she says we're working on that :)
I did have a whole lot of fun though, I really enjoyed getting out & about. Rudy's Raiser talked to many people; who were asking about me.
It was a very enjoyable day, and Rudy's Raiser hopes to take me out again... furry soon!
I was also going to include some updates about Rudy (he's doing VERY well) - but Rudy's Raiser is going to save that for tomorrow's post (complete with NEW pictures of Rudy... thanks to the raiser that has him).
So make sure to stop by tomorrow to hear an update about Rudy.
AND for all that haven't yet, please make sure to enter Rudy's Valentine's Giveaway - that will be ending THIS weekend.
Enjoy the shopping pictures below, next time we go out in town - I'll make sure she takes pictures in more than one store :)

Al - Rudy's Brother

Picture of Al in coat/harness in a stand-stay
Picture of Al in coat/harness waiting for the forward command
Picture of Al in coat/harness in a stand-stay looking at the camera
Picture of Al in coat/harness in a sit-stay Picture of Al in coat/harness in a down-stay

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Review and HAPPY 500th POST!

Rudy has given me the permission to write this review... as I'm his brother, he thinks I should be able to rate things just as well as he can, um... we'll see!!
Either way, I'm new at the blogging thing - but I hope to give Rudy's Raiser a fair review :)

Quantity of Output: I give her 3 paws up for this one - though she doesn't always let us do a daily post, we do post quite regularly! But once her life gets busy again... I thinks we won't be doing near as many :(

Quality of Output: 4 pretty paws for this one... we LOVE the pictures she uses for the posts, and I'm thankful she takes the time to tag each & every one of them! (for our visually impaired readers). She always has great ideas for posts, but leaves the blogging up to us!

Client Pawticipation: Oh yes, all 4 paws for this one - she tries her furry best to answer your questions - and our email is posted on our blog. We really enjoy receiving emails from you guys, and don't mind at all answering questions!

Pawticipation Part II: YES, Rudy is always allowed to take part in whatever contest/event he would like to. He's also allowed to run his own giveaways/contests on this blog... and Rudy's Raiser provides all the prizes :)

Client Satisfaction: We sure hope so... this blog centers around the training/raising of a guide dog puppy - and by the comments we receive, it sure sounds like you guys enjoy reading our blog! (Right??)

Overall Rating: I'd say around 3 paws overall, though I know Rudy would give 4 paws for everything :)

We hope you guys are enjoying our blog, we try to please our readers - answer any questions - post lots of furry cool pictures - and visit all of you guys :)

Pictures of my furry cool shopping day AND a short update about Rudy coming Monday!

P.S. Rudy's Raiser was lazy enough to copy the review picture from another blog... notice she didn't even change the date!?

Al - Rudy's Brother

Friday, February 18, 2011


Seems as though Rudy's Raiser has been using "NO NOISE" a lot lately... but not in the way you think. (Yeah, I've got barking issues... but we're ignoring that right this second).

For some odd reason, Rudy's Raiser seems to think that I don't need to be making my own noise. She doesn't like the idea of me grabbing a sterile bone, and throwing it across the hard wood flooring... just for the fun of it.

To prove that I was really throwing the bone all over the floor - she decided to take a short video for you guys:

(Movie of Al playing with the bone on our hard flooring - he picks up the bone, and throws it across the room, even though it's soo annoying - it is kinda cute! Note: it's not near as loud in the movie... as it was in person!)

Now "No Noise" is not only for barking/whining issues... it's also for bone noises. I think it's fun, but whatever.

BTW - Rudy's Raiser did take me shopping yesterday, so I enjoyed a day out in town working. Pictures coming soon :) Have a Furry Fun Friday!

Al - Rudy's Brother

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Animals Galore

OMD, Rudy's Raiser decided to take me on a short walkie outside... to meet some of her farm animals!
Thankfully, she took her camera out with us; so I do have a couple pictures to show you :)
I met the cutest little horse, lots and lots of goats, saw something called a "Alpaca", sniffed a rabbit, played with kitties, met the "pasture" dogs that get to stay with the goats, watched some huge horses walk past us, looked at a "llama", and I even saw some mini pigs!!
It was a whole lot of fun, I never knew my own brother (Rudy) lived on a farm! He's so lucky... I wished I had pals like that to hang out with daily. Maybe I could convince my own raiser's to buy a horse or 2??
Happy Thursday, and Rudy's Raiser told me that we may go to town today :)
Enjoy the pictures,

Al - Rudy's Brother

Note from Rudy's Raiser:
Hey guys!
I just wanted to say a quick thanks, to all who voted for Rudy at
Mango Minster. Rudy did win Readers Choice, Best In Show - and it was all because of your vote!
My nosey self, went and counted all the comments/votes later on... and (if I counted them up right) Rudy won by only ONE vote. So when I said "every vote counts" I really meant it!
Thanks again,

Rudy's Raiser

Enough's about Rudy... this blog post is suppose to be about ME... enjoy the ever so cute pictures below, I do hope to show a couple more later on.

These cuties smelled REALLY good...
Picture of Al sniffing some baby goats (through the fence)

If you look really close, you can see 2 large horses in the background... but all those annoying goats are in the front
Picture of Al looking at some of the goats/horses, which are in a large fence in front of him

See how cute Flash is?? I think he's adorable, maybe Rudy's Raiser will let me in his pen next time...
Picture of Al looking at our Mini horse, Flash (through the fence)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - No Biting Allowed

Picture of Al and Liberty playing together...

Al - Rudy's Brother

Trust me... she used the "NO" command, after snapping this picture :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Thing Called "Spell Check"

I think I'm finally understanding the rules for blogging, this odd keyboard, how to upload photos, AND how to view all of your furry cool blogs.
But first things first... Rudy's Raiser, seems to think I need to use "spell check", before publishing a post. She keeps telling me there's always a chance I could spell a word wrong... and without spell check, I would never know.
I'm a dog for crying out loud - I'm not suppose to know how to spell!
That didn't go over well with Rudy's Raiser though, she made me click that "ABC" button, and you know what?
Like HALF the words turned yellow, and she made me fix each & every one of them.
I think it would be much simpler if we just skipped spell check.
Whatever, some raiser's are just hard to work with. I don't get how Rudy ever did blogging on his own, it's like his raiser OWNS and RUNS this blog, and you have to do it all her way.

She also seems to think I need to work on better "training manners", she even made me a list:
- Learning to NOT pull near as hard
- Doing commands when told
- Quit Pulling
- Learning the command "NO NOISE"
- Quit Pulling
- No barking allowed
- Quit Pulling
- No Trash Surfing
- Quit Pulling
- Quit taking ALL the toys out of the toy bucket, every single second
- Learn to "come" when called
- Did I mention, no pulling??
You get the idea! She seems to think I need to work on soo many things, but we are only taking it one step at a time. She mostly is working me on NOT PULLING (near as hard). Seems as though, I'm 3-4 times as strong as Rudy was... and he was already pretty darn strong!
She is happy that I'm getting along with her other dogs, and how calm I am (most of the time...), she's looking forward to working me out in town, but due to the fact that she's SICK right now, she's yet to take me anywhere.
Enjoy the pictures of ME below - at least I can upload photos onto blogger, without any help.
BTW - as many may already know... she did make me use spell check on this post :( Though I think you guys would enjoy reading misspelled words.
P.S. For anyone that hasn't entered Rudy's Valentine's Giveaway, please make sure to stop by and enter!

Rudy's Brother, "Big" Al

Picture of Al laying down with toys laying around him, he's got a playful face on... and looks very cute!
Picture of Al in a sit, looking at all the toys out in front of him (the toy bucket is knocked over - and completely empty, but Al isn't playing with a single toy)
Picture of Al laying down, chewing on a bone

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day... and a furry fun GIVEAWAY!

Hey furry friends!
By the time you're reading this... I'll be off at "puppy camp" having a furry blast. I was so sad that I wouldn't be here for Valentine's Day, and really didn't want my raiser (or Al) to do the Valentine's Giveaway... so I decided to do a"Scheduled post", and write it before leaving :)
Enough about boring old news, I want to wish ALL my furry followers...
picture of Rudy's cute face eying one of the valentine's stuffies
I hope you all sent something to that "special one" in your life... for me, it's my furry cool puppy raiser - and I decided to give her early Valentine's Day slobbery kisses!
Sadly though, I can't give her any kisses ON Valentine's Day, due to the "puppy swap"... but early is better then never.
And now on to the GOOD part.
My raiser decided at the very last minute, to let me do a Valentine's Giveaway. She was so late in telling me the good news... that I wouldn't have enough time to end the giveaway before, or on Valentine's Day - so instead, I decided I'll start the giveaway on Valentine's Day, and it will end when I return from puppy camp.
Wanna know the prize??
TWO furry cool followers will win...
- A Valentine's themed stuffie (complete with a squeaker and crinkly sounds)
- A "Love me, Love my dogs" bumper magnetic for the humans car (thanks to Build a Sign)

- Some tasty homemade doggy treats
Picture of the dog toy & bumper magnetic

Picture of (uncooked) dog treats

Yes, you did read that right... my raiser is letting me open this giveaway for TWO lucky followers to win - and both winners will receive a doggy toy, bumper magnetic... and DOGGY TREATS!
The rules are very simple:
- Please be a follower of my furry cool blog
- To enter, just leave a comment on this post! (if you'd rather not be entered in the giveaway... please let me know in the comment)
- The giveaway opens 2-14-2011 (TODAY) and will end 3-1-2011 (after I return from puppy camp)
- If you would like to post this on your blog... that's furry fine by me!
- Wanna extra chance to win? Leave ANOTHER separate comment, with a short/long story of when you first met your pet/human (if there is more than one doggy/pet doing the blogging... you get EXTRA entries... just leave a separate comment for each pup/pet!)

See how simple those are?
As long as you're following my blog... and leave a comment, you're entered! It's that easy :)
And if you want more chances to win... make sure to leave another comment with the first time you laid eyes on your furry cool human (or pet) - or what made your parents decide to claim you as their own (adopt/buy/rescue/helping a friend).
*Giveaway ends on 3-1-2011
My raiser will be sending out reminders, and we have yet to decide how the 2 winners will be picked... but I know my raiser will let you all know on that, when she decides.

If you have any questions please let my raiser know (guidedogawareness AT yahoo DOT com), I know she's looking forward to seeing all the entries!
Happy Valentine's Day, and happy entering!

**If you do NOT have a blog for me to contact you by IF you win, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR PROFILE... IF NOT, PLEASE LEAVE IT IN A COMMENT**

Rudy - The dog with a blog

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Help Rudy Win "Best In Show"!!

(written by Rudy's Raiser)
I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, that voting for "Best In Show" at Mango Minster has started... and Rudy needs your vote! (if you aren't already voting for another pup/cat).
So furry please (as Rudy would say), head over to Mango Minster and cast your vote... for RUDY :) He would really appreciate it! (Voting is now via comments - so just leave a comment on the Best In Show post, that you'd like to vote for Rudy).
*Voting ends TONIGHT (8:20pm EST)

Al is having some trouble figuring out this thing called a "keyboard" - but he hopes to be posting in a couple days.
(For all who missed the last posts - Rudy is attending a "puppy camp" & for the next 2 weeks, we have his brother "Big Al").
Hope you all have a great Sunday, and don't forget Rudy's "Valentine's Giveaway" is coming up tomorrow.
- Picture below is of Rudy, not Al.

Rudy's Raiser

Picture of Rudy in a down-stay in harness/coat at Mary Jo's - lots of ribbon is behind him

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saying Good Bye - For a Short Time

(Written By Rudy's Raiser)
We headed out to the puppy meeting this morning (a fun mall walk), and this is also where we'd be doing the "puppy swap".
Rudy did get to do some obedience training with me first, before I handed him off to the other puppy raiser.
Once we swapped, I didn't see Rudy until after the puppy meeting ended (we went off in small groups - and wandered the malls). The dog I have for the following 2 weeks (Al, Rudy's brother) is HUGE (maybe that's why he's called "Big Al"...), and the guide dog harness had to be loosened drastically, before I could even try and clip it around his belly!
Putting aside Al's hefty weight, he's a great dog, (well, he does have issues in some places - which we are working on, but he does enjoy working).
Al does look quite like Rudy, but they are totally different with training & such! (Rudy likes to do his commands, right on the spot, when told. Al has to "think about it" before following through with the command!), I'm eager to see what Al can do, and I'm looking forward to working him tomorrow, and introducing him to the farm animals!
I can't what to find out the odd habits he may have, it's quite interesting having the brother of the dog you're raising!
I will be sending out a reminder tomorrow, but (if you have time), furry please head over to Mango Minster - and vote fur Rudy (who made it into Best In Show... by winning first in his category!), Rudy would just love to win Best In Show. We thank you for your vote :)
And don't forget - Rudy's VALENTINE'S GIVEAWAY is coming up this Monday!
Enjoy the pictures below, and please note that the first THREE pictures are of Rudy (with me)... NOT "Big" Al (Rudy's brother).
Have a great weekend!
Rudy's Raiser

Picture of Rudy & I doing a forward walk, Rudy is in harness
Picture of Rudy (and other pups beside him) doing a sit-stay, all the raiser's are at the end of the leash - in front of the dogs (including me)

Picture of Rudy in a sit-stay beside me

All pictures below, are now of "Big" Al, NOT Rudy
Picture of Al (Rudy's brother) in a sit-stay in harness/coat, I'm holding up a stuffie from
Picture of Al & Judy (They other pup in our small group) meeting the Chick-fl-a cow inside the mall
Picture of Al & I in front of a rhino statue inside the mall (Al's in a sit/stay)
Picture of Al in a sit-stay with me holding a pink cowboy hat right over his head

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Night Fun - and upcoming giveaway!

Hey furry friends!
This will be my last post... before I head off to PUPPY SWAP TIME! (if you missed yesterday's post - make sure to check it out), I will be going to the other raiser's home tomorrow, after puppy class - and will be coming back here in 2 weeks.
BUT, enough about the puppy swap... I'm going to talk about last night's puppy training (an extra training class raiser's could attend - if they wanted).
I had a whole lot of furry fun, and my raiser said I did soo good! We did many different things, but mostly worked on commands & ignoring other pups.
We also did something furry fun... we played a card game, wanna know the rules??
We had 30 or so cards laying around on the ground; each with various commands & such you can do with your dog.
Each raiser & their dog had 2 minutes to do as many cards as they could (they couldn't move on to another card, till they did the command really well).
It was very interesting, but all of us had a whole lot of fun! I know my raiser wants us to do that game again, she really enjoyed it!
I did wear my harness during training class, and it didn't faze me a bit.
I hope you enjoy all the pictures (and movies) below, and make sure to be furry sweet to my brother Al, who will be blogging here for TWO weeks.

**I will be doing a Valentine's Giveaway (starting on Valentine's Day... and ending when I return from puppy camp, the following 2 weeks). Though I won't be here on Valentine's Day... I will have a pre written post that will be published that day, and hopefully Al will make sure you guys all enter... there are some furry cool gifts!

***Mango Minster will be doing the BEST IN SHOW voting tomorrow... I'll make sure to have my raiser do a quick post reminding all my furry cool friends to go vote fur me! (if you aren't already voting fur some other pup/cat...)

Furry Friday Kisses, and I hope you miss me! (I know I'll miss you guys!),

Rudy - The dog with a blog

Working Fun...

Picture of Rudy in harness, beside me - doing the command forward (he is quite happy... and has his tongue hanging out!)

Picture of Rudy in a down-stay with me out in front of him Picture of Rudy in a down-stay beside me
Picture of Rudy & I doing forward; there is also a dog laying down on the left a couple feet away... and Rudy leaves her
The Card Game... (the movies are just of 2 random cards - but we did a whole lot more!)

(Movie of Rudy & I doing the 2 minute "pick a card" game - this card tells us to go greet another person (without a dog), have our dog sit beside us - and greet the person with our dog ignoring her/him. Rudy was a little excited, but he did very well!)

(Movie of Rudy & I doing another card, which tells the dog handler to have your dog sit, then down. Sit beside your dog, and massage 1 front foot & 1 back foot. Rudy does it perfectly)