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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Hey guys,
My trainer is switching to the bigger room, so that means I have to stay down stairs so I won't get in their way while they paint. Since my trainer still can't do much, she is trying to keep me busy. I went upstairs for a "little" peak at the room I have been living in for over 15 months. And you know what! It is completely different than it was a couple days ago!!

I still have to wait to see what the new room is going to look like, (who knows they might not get it finished before I go back!). If you look at the photo under my name you can see what I have been doing all these boring hours!!

I think I am on my 10th toy
(see all the stuffing? My trainer just picked
up some a minute ago!)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is here!

Do I look like I am really smiling?
I got most of what I asked for, (but the 1 thing I really wanted I still didn't get, for me to stay a couple more months)

I got lots of stuffed toys. (most of them are torn up now)
my stocking was full with lots of cool toys,
a couple bags of yummy little treats,
and 2 big edible bones!!!!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update, cast off!!

Me at the Doctors

I did go with her to the Doctor, and she did get it off, it was my first time to hear and see a cast taker-offer (saw), (another exposure on the list).

She now has her hot pink cast off and is wearing a special soft cast/walking boot. It will still be three more weeks before the bone is completely healed and she can walk on it.
That is going to be right before I go back to school, I wonder if she will be able to walk me into the school one last time.

We have not gotten any more info on the new dog (if she is getting it).


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hey guys,

I have looked under the tree and I have 4-5 presents under there.
But you know whats funny, my trainer's sister has a cat (don't you remember Socks?)
He was bored playing with me so he decided to have a little Christmas! He tore open one of MY gifts and was trying to eat the treats that my trainer put in. (well I didn't get a real good look at what was in there) My trainer got her sister to wrap back up the gift before I saw it under there and got a hold of it.

My trainer is going in to the docter today and might get her cast off! I will do another post on it when we get home (that is, if she lets ME come!)


Friday, December 14, 2007


The first time I ever
saw my trainer (and there's Rieko, her
Japanese exchange student)

I am remembering all the good times I had with my trainer. It makes me sad to think I will be leaving in a month. It would be cool to be a guide dog, but... I am going to miss my trainer!!!

Take I look at the photos and see all the good times I had.

Me at Pizza Hut
admiring the buffet

Me at a 4-H fashion show
testing out the runway

Me playing...yeah you're right
Doctor (okay vet)!! Notice the sling in the first photo, and in the next one
I've got a sprained tail too.
Guess I was wagging too much.

I am growing up!

I didn't mean this much!

Me at puppy class

Me at my first wedding

Me at the beach in FL for the
guide dog walk-a-thon

Hope you like them!

Monday, December 10, 2007


I am trying to get my list ready for Santa, (except, I know when I give the list to my trainer to send it to the North Pole, she takes it and gets me gifts!)

Dear Santa (& trainer)

I have been the best dog this year, I do my obedience when my trainer tells me to. I don't have accidents inside (well... most of the time!), I don't beg, (but if she trained me to I would!), I don't get on furniture, and everything else I forgot to say!

Now I will get to the good part.

  • A stocking full of stuffed animals with squeakers in them, (and a couple lose treats so I can eat them right away!)

  • My trainer to invite the WHOLE guide dog group out ON Christmas!

  • The guide dog school to get too many dogs back in Jan and decide to leave me with my trainer for a couple more months.

  • My trainer's family dog to suddenly not be able to bark!!!
  • If I still end up going back that I will be able to make it through the vet check up, and the training.

  • My trainer's sister to let me have her cat to take back to school with me!

  • Neat toys and treats for Christmas (if you want the list hear you go!)

A bag of treats I have never had before

A huge edible bone

Some really really neat SQUEAKER toys

New rope toys

Another bone that comes with P.B in it when she buys it

Christmas dog cookies


Love Brax

(AKA the best dog ever!)

Did you like it? Did you ever get what you want from Santa and trainer?


Body World photos

I know I already did a post on body worlds but my trainer's friend took some photos while we were there and just sent them to my trainer. So enjoy!


Me & my trainer

Me with my trainer's friend

My trainer's friend signing
her cast

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas party photos!!

Waiting for dogs and
trainers to arrive


Princess, my sister, wearing

Maggie 2 wearing a Santa suit

doing obedience
Prize giving

getting food


And finely after the people were done eating, we got to eat!! The cup cakes (petit fours) are in the middle with 2 Christmas tree shaped cakes on the outside!

Hoped you enjoyed the photos!


Christmas party!

We went to a Christmas party yesterday. (the Guide dog Christmas party!) There were lots of dogs there, and we have yet another new dog in our group, an Aussie (Australian Shepard) that's soo adorably cute. His name is Otto.

After we did some obedience, we all sat down and Suzette (the trainer's trainer) was giving out prizes to people. My trainer won a trophy for doing presentations and other things to get the word out about... you guessed it, Guide Dogs! And I won a green stuffed animal to.

They had dog cake, and cup cakes (make sure you look at the photos of it!)

I am still sad about knowing when I will be going back, but I am soo glad I got to go to a puppy meeting before I leave, (since I don't know there will be another one before Jan 21).

I didn't get any photos (well I am a dog!) but my trainers friend got some, so don't forget to check the Christmas party photos!!!


Friday, December 7, 2007

Sleep Over

I went with my trainer to her friend's house for a couple days. They didn't have any dogs but when we went on walks we met more then 50!

I had the time of my life, My trainer got a couple photos so don't forget to look at them!


Me playing with a toy, (that I don't have)

My trainers friend petting me

Me looking out the window at other dogs

What toy should I play with?


My trainer has gotten my IFT (In for training) dates!!! I will be going back Jan 21-24. I am glad I can still stay through Christmas but, now I know when I am going back! I am a little excited but sad because I will miss my trainer (and she will miss me to!)

We still are trying to figure out if she is picking up the new puppy when I am dropped off, (and if it is going to be a Goldadore like me!)

I will keep you updated about the new puppy, I hope I get to meet him/her (so stay in touch)


Friday, November 30, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Me wearing reindeer antlers
after we put up the tree.

Since I am staying 'til January/February, I am here for another Christmas!! That means Santa might bring me a big bone or a basket full of toys (stuffed animals!). My trainer has already put up my stocking, (since it smells like treats because I used it last year, I really want to get to it).

I found this picture of me when taking down the Christmas tree last year,
(its all of the lights lit up on me!)
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


We went to go see the Bee movie a couple weeks ago, & Enchanted a week ago. Of course I had to be bored out of me mind for hours, I never get to see any fun movies. Like Guide dogs are the best & guide dogs rule movies, but no they don't make movies like that (where you get to watch it full screen, not on the TV at home). At least I got to go see fire house dog, but what's with that? Fire dogs get all of the attention at the movies. Let's tell Hollywood its time for a guide dog to be front and center.

So, to me movie theaters are boring!!!! But guess what!!! When Enchanted was over we were leaving, and somebody spilled there whole bag of popcorn on the floor right in front of me! (supper!!!!) But my owner told me "leave it" (yes I was walking with my owner who was in the wheelchair) & I did not even put my head down!!! She was soo happy with me that I got lots of praise!



I have been looking back at older photos taken of me, and at the beginning of the year (in January) I found some pictures of me playing in the snow. I had lots of fun.


She is getting ready to throw a snow ball!

I had soo much fun!

don't I look like a bunny rabbit!

Or a kangaroo

Sure hope it snows again before I go back!

Trainer update

My trainer keeps saying all she wants for Christmas is for me to make it through Graduate school, & for her to get the cast off before Christmas! Well she won't know if I will make it through graduate school for a at least a couple months, but the bone Doctor said that she has a possibility of getting the cast of before Christmas.

I am still helping her around the house (by bringing my toys to her so she can throw them for me!)

That reminds me, here are some photos of me playing vet with my trainer & her sister (yes I am the patient)

Me pretending to be hurt!

Me acting sick on a tie down,
with a broken leg (yes in a cast/ace wrap)


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Farm Fun Photos!


Dancer sniffing me!

(with Muffin in the back)

Dancer sniffing Sherman

(welcome to the group!)

Muffin & Callie

Meeting animals

Marcia sniffing Callie (poor little kitten)


Ralph, Singita, & Mulligan,
meeting the pig

Benjamin meeting the animals


Marcia meeting Patches

Dancer meets Patches

Sherman meets Patches

Ralph takes the first ride!

And loves it!