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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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About: Toby

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I received Toby on May 30th 2009 from Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Toby is a male yellow Lab.
Toby is a great dog, who learns very quickly.  He also did training with the guide dog harness for 2 months.
Toby was a awesome dog to raise; and I really enjoyed the year I had him.  He returned to the school for future training in April 2010 (with his siblings).  We received many report cards (all posted on this blog) - but sadly they stopped coming in October 2010.  I got a little worried when I didn't received my October report card for Toby - and the following week I heard that Toby was being career changed due to allergies.
The school did try to place him in the gifted canine program (as a therapy or service dog) - but with his allergies so severe he wouldn't be able to work.
It was decided the middle of November 2010 that he was to be adopted out as a pet - and sadly, as my house is so full of dogs, I'm un able to adopt him. (my choice... not the schools).
In December 2010 I decided to email my AC, to see if Toby had been placed in a home yet, as I was hoping to at least find out what state he'd be in. She forwarded my email along to the school, and before I knew it - there was a response back.  Nothing like I expected.
One person had faith in Toby, one person decided to give him the chance - now he's working as a Search & Rescue dog in FL, and enjoying it greatly. 
I was quite sad to hear he didn't make it as a guide, and would be adopted out as a pet... but when I heard this news; I knew Toby would be living life to the fullest!  He loved to work, and I know he will enjoy he life as a Search & Rescue dog.
For more information on Toby, Check blog posts starting from May 30th 2009, all the way up to the middle of April 2010.
Toby's goals for the 2010 year (before he returned to the school) were:
1. Get over 100 followers on my blog (!!)
2. Get over 20 comments on 1+ posts (20 comments from 20 different blogs)
3. Update my blog frequently
4. Obey my trainer and learn as much as possible
5. Become the BEST guide dog I can!

Updates on his goals:
1. He has over 100 followers!
2. He's gotten over 30 comments!
3. He was great at blogging almost everyday - even adding Wordless Wednesday posts on too.
4. He has done a GREAT job with this one, and learned as much as possible!
5. Sadly; with his allergies being so severe - he was un able to make it as a guide dog - I wish him the best of luck finding a new home as a pet
We hope you decide to follow this blog, and learn more about my fourth guide dog puppy Rudy!

(Picture of Toby & I sitting on a red swing. Toby is only 10 weeks old)

(Picture of Toby & I in the yard, Toby's wearing the harness & he is 10 months old)

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