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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Here are some photos of me at Splash Country


After we went to the aquarium, the next day we went to Splash Country (water water water) I of course got to get really wet, and my trainer could not keep me with her all the time so she kept handing me back over to her mom, more than half the time I was with her mom, but they rented some kind of canopy thing, so I got to nap most of the day!


Somthing's Fishy

Here are some photos of me at the aquarium


I just got back from going on vacation with my trainer and her family. We had a really fun time. the first place we went to was the aquarium, it was soo much fun seeing sharks, fish, sting rays (one of them was trying to get to me!), and I even got to touch a horseshoe crab!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ice Skating

I just got back from the ice house (where people get on freezing cold ice and skate and then fall!) Me and 1 other dog in our group got to feel the ice and see the people skate. The other 2 got to see people skate but did not get on the ice. We (would of) loved the food on the ground but they didn't let us eat the any! Oh well. My trainer got on the ice to. Here is a couple photos of me and the group at the ice house... and me... and "Me Me" (Mimi).


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me and my trainers brother
Guess what! I am learning to read, I am already reading books with out photos, they have really small letters but I still can see them!
What a great Seeing-Eye dog I will be, reading for the blind!

I'm back!

Me and Ralph



Me walking with somebody in our group
(don't remember people names really good!)

Me (sitting up) at puppy class resting

Hi guys,

I am finally back from what my trainer calls "vacation." I, well, have to admit that I did have a blast! Ralph and I(Ralph is the baby sitters guide dog) spent the whole vacation together. I only barked a couple times (I mean I was exited!), but other then that my baby sitter said I did great!! Ya for me! I was still really happy to come home to see my trainer (I so-call my "owner", or wish!) I still kind of miss Ralph and Jackson (their house dog).

Here are some photos of me at there house, and me at puppy class (with my baby sitter), I hope you enjoy them.