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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas Goodies...

I’m finally taking the time to tell you guys all about my furry cool Christmas goodies! It won’t take to long, since my raiser didn’t go “all out” on me (oh well…) but she still did get me some furry cool things!
Here’s a picture of my wonderful goodies...
Picture of Brandon's Christmas goodies, including dog treats, his full stocking and some stuffies beside the stocking

My stocking was full of lots of fun stuffies, all for MYSELF! And then I also got a huge selection of doggy treats! (Including greenies, duck breast treats, carob cookies, and lots of other various yummy treats).

I got a furry cool pink pig stuffie...
Picture of Brandon with the pink pig stuffie he got for Christmas, you can see some of his other gifts in the background

Of course I got a fun bottle crunchy toy...
Picture of Brandon playing with his bottle crunchy toy, his other Christmas goodies are surrounding him

I got a fun (furry soft) Christmas lamb stuffie...
Picture of Brandon playing with his Christmas lamb stuffie

My raiser even got me a furry cute calipiter (?) stuffie...
Picture of Brandon playing with his cute "calipiter" stuffie
As you can see, I got lots of furry fun things for Christmas! My raiser wasn't able to spend much money on me, and I would have only gotten a few things for Christmas... but my raiser was given the opportunity to do a review for a store (coming up in a later post) and ended up getting me FREE doggy treats :)  I just love all those treats she picked out fur me!
I huge furry thanks to my raiser fur getting me all those wonderful things! 
I hope you enjoyed learning all about the goodies I got for Christmas!

- Brandon

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My First Christmas!

I hope you guys are having a furry good Christmas, spending the time with your loved ones and eating lots of sweets (or yummy dog treats)!
My raiser gave me LOTS of furry cool goodies, but I will share about them in a later post (complete with lots of pictures...)
Fur now I just want to wish all my blogging friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

- Brandon
Picture of Brandon with some of his Christmas goodies (Brandon also has his tongue sticking out!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pictureless Wednesday

I was planning this furry nice post, complete with LOTS of pictures from our Monday shopping trip... all for me to find out that my raiser FURGOT the camera :(  We went all over the place Monday doing Christmas shopping (my longest shopping trip yet) and we even passed lots of furry cool mirrors, yet we couldn't get a single picture, cause she furgot the camera.
Humans, you just can't count on them.
So instead of showing you how the shopping trip went, I'm just gonna have to tell you all about it.
I of course did wonderful, throughout the entire shopping trip (don't I always!), but I did have to remind my raiser a few times to "ignore it" when she found some things she really liked. (Were not Christmas shopping fur yourself, you know).
My raiser said I walked perfectly beside her while shopping, and whenever she stopped to look at something, I just laid down beside her feet, until I was told "forward" again.
I met lots of people while out shopping, everybody wanted to pet me (duh...) but my raiser had to make sure I held a sit-stay while I was being petted (which I did quite well at), remember the saying "four on the floor" (no jumping on people).
I even met some furry nice people while in Target, and one of the humans I met, said his first dog was named Brandon, what can I say... it's a furry good name!
My raiser has been furry busy with Christmas shopping, but she did tell me that she didn't furget about me, and that I'll be getting LOTS of gifts on Christmas.
I'm furry sorry there are no pictures in this post, maybe next time...

- Brandon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Shopping 101

Since all of you guys are most likely trying to finish up your Christmas shopping, I think I should give you a few tips to make shopping WAY more fun.
To start of with, make sure to ALWAYS stop for mirrors when out shopping, you never know how cute you may look:

Picture of Brandon and I in the mirror
 Moving on; when you (or your shopping friend) comes across something that you (they) REALLY want, look at the price tag first - can't afford it? Just look away... (this is when the "ignore it" command would be useful - more fur the humans than us pups!)

Picture of Brandon laying down beside the purse section at Belk - he's completely ignoring the purses
 After shopping for a while, make sure to stop at the food court and get a little "fuel" in you - of course, that doesn't ever help me AT ALL, since I'm not allowed to eat any of that human food...
Picture of Brandon in a sit-stay under the table at the food court

And when your raiser (or friend) has her (or his) hand full of shopping bags and wants to go into yet ANOTHER store, just give them this furry cute look...

Picture of Brandon in a sit-stay giving his "puppy face" look to the camera!
Trust me, it ALWAYS works!!
I do hope you will be able to take some of my "advice" and put it to good use on your next shopping trip!
Just remember to use that "ignore it" command on something you really don't NEED :)

- Brandon

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Double Me!

I just love shopping when mirrors are involved!


Picture of Brandon sitting beside a mirror

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rudy's Sixth Report Card!

*(Written by Brandon's Raiser)*
I've just received Rudy's sixth report card and also included in the email, was a short message from my Area Coordinator:
"Rudy's just waiting for the right partner now!!"
I know Rudy was in the "last phase" when I received his previous report card, but that little message made me start thinking, Rudy could really graduate ANYTIME now! He's just waiting for the perfect match, so for all I know... he could graduate next month!
Keeping my fingers crossed that his training continues to go well, and that he'll be able to find the perfect match, sooner than later!

Comment from Rudy's trainer:
"Rudy is a sweet boy.  I have only had him for a short period but he is a fun dog.  I look forward to working Rudy and getting to know his personality. J  We are working on some of his distractions and tendency to rush."
Just a few things that Rudy needs to "touch up", but it sounds like he's doing wonderful! I really miss my sweet boy :)

Brandon's Raiser

Copy of Rudy's Sixth Report card

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Girl Did it...

Yes the title of this post is furry important, but before I go into detail on what happened... let me start out with what I was going to do on Saturday:
This WAS my furry cool agenda for Saturday:
10:25am: Arrive at puppy meeting
10:30am: Obedience training during puppy meeting
10:45am: Play with other cute puppies
11:00am: Head into the assisted living with the puppy group and meet elderly people

But a little female puppy decided to ruin my wonderful plans. My raiser was allowing me to play (on leash) with another little guide dog puppy, it was a female Lab that was 10 days younger than me (and about half the size). I was being a very calm boy and making my raiser proud and then all of a sudden my raiser noticed blood all over both of us puppies. She soon found out that the other little puppy bit my ear, and gave me a 1/4 inch tear on the tip of my right ear.
So instead of heading in to meet elderly people, my raiser had to take me to a local vet, and I ended up having to get 4 stitches in my ear.

**Raiser's note: Please know that it wasn't a "serious" injury and there wasn't blood gushing everywhere, but the bleeding wouldn't stop completely, and our Area Coordinator said it would be best if we head to a vet and go ahead and get it stitched up. And please do know that the puppies were not playing rough, but the little female lab accidentally grabbed his ear, which then didn't turn out well!**

But I'm totally fine now, and though I didn't enjoy the "rest" I had to have on Saturday, I'm back and "bouncing" around now.
Just make sure you guys realize that it wasn't MY fault, the girl did it...


Brandon doing a "loose leash" walk beside me, during our obedience training outside the assisted living place

Brandon doing a wonderful sit-stay with me in front of him

Close up picture of Brandon walking on a "loose leash"

Picture of Brandon sleeping in my sister's lap in the car, while we are on the way to the vet

Picture of Brandon sitting on the medical table at the vet office

Close up picture of the 4 stitches that were put in the tip of Brandon's ear