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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Me and my bone

My name is J.J, some of you guys might know me from pictures Frankie has posted of me. But for the others who don't I will introduce myself.
I am a yellow Male Labrador, around 9 months old. I love bones and treats. I live in the City but since we did the puppy swap I am living on a farm!! I have gotten to meet: Horses, goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, cats, dogs, Llamas, Alpacas, and a Goose.

Today I went to a petting zoo, but we weren't going there to see it, we were going there to do it! Frankie's trainer has a petting zoo business and today she had a event that she took her petting zoo to. I was bored for almost half the time until they decided to put me in the fence with the animals!! I had a blast, the little goats were fun to play with. After a little while Frankie's trainer put my coat on and took me to see the big red Fire truck and a Police car. She even let me get a picture taken with them!!
We finally are back home so I can be on my bed chewing on a bone. Enjoy looking at the pictures! I will be doing some more posts later, and hopfully Brax will send some pictures so you can see what he looks like!!
And you may notice that I look a lot like Brax, some pictures more then others, even though I am not the same breed as him!! But I have had a lot of people say I look like him.

Me and the pig

At the YMCA working out, (more
like knocked out!!)

Me with the fire fighters.

Me with Frankie's trainer

Me alone on the fire truck!

Me with a police man

Pictures of me at the petting zoo:
No I am really not eating goat
feed, (well yes I would...) Frankie's
trainer was trying to get me to
put my head up, I look soo cute!

I think it was quite fun being with the animals
on the same side of the fence!

Notice the Alpaca right beside me!


Hello Everyone!!

Brax here, coming to you from St. Louis, Missouri. Here's some information about what's going on in my life.

My human is really nice. I have taken her lots of places. We walk to the grocery store, usually accompanied by her son, who helps her shop. It's a country road, so its really a pain to work because there are really no landmarks for my human to identify. I have to be on the ball and get her there safely. Her son pushes the cart home, and we follow behind. I take her to special meetings where there are other dogs and blind people. Some of these meetings have food, so I have to behave myself and just sniff from afar. In two weeks, my human is going to a state convention and staying in a hotel for four days with about 200 other blind folks, and quite a few dogs. That's going to be interesting. We may go down to Florida this November and December to work for the Salvation Army. My human rings the bells every year. That should be fun too. So, as you can see, I'm busy and happy. I try to play with the retired guide dog, but he's an old man, and just tolerates me. My human's son is neat too.

Well, gotta go to work. Today we take the bus and go to the doctor so my human can have some blood work done. I'll talk to everyone soon!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guide dog meeting, AIRPORT!!

Our puppy group in front of the plane!

Hey guys,

This is my first meeting that we went to a airpor. Of course, I have been to the airport once before (to pick up my trainer) but I still wanted to do the guide dog meeting. It was last week that we went there! I had a lot of fun, we got to board a plane and visit the cock pit (as I call "the drivers place"), we even went in the airplane to sit down for a while (of course the dogs ON THE FLOOR, while the humans got the nice cushy seats). Then what made it worse was my trainer wanted to work with an Aussie, so I was left with her leader. Her leader gave me to this guy, and then he gave me back to the leader who gave me to another girl! I was switched around soo much I don't even remember the people. Other then that, I had a lot of fun. I love guide dog events because you get to see (and sometimes play with) them!!
But for all the pictures I am with somebody who isn't my trainer and my trainer is with the Aussie.

Enjoy all of the photos!


Oh, I have puppy class tonight. Afterwards we have puppy swap! Which means I won't be posting on here for over 3 weeks! But I will let the new dog (J.J.) post on here! And for a side comment on some good news and for people who know Brax, my trainer called and talked to his owner yesterday!! He is doing really good and obeying fine, she hopes to send my trainer some pictures soon so we can then post them on the computer.

Yes this is a no-no but they let
the dogs do it real quick for
photos, (of course on command
so we know we aren't allowed to
do it without command)!

Me with a girl named Chelsea

Me with a guy I don't know.

This is a new dog in our group who I think looks a lot like me!!

My trainer and the Aussie going up
the steps .

My trainer and the leader at the steps.

Me boarding the plane!

Inside the plane.

Monday, September 22, 2008

In trouble??

My trainer didn't act like she was
happy at me when this happened:

But I don't think grabbing a plant container(which happened to have dirt in it) is something she should care about. She told me "no" and "leave it". Then she cleaned up the mess, making me sit there in a "sit stay" watching her, but her not letting me eat/play with it. Once she was done cleaning up the "plant" she kept it and put it back where it was (even though you couldn't "re-plant" this plant) to make sure I wasn't going to do it again. Since she told me "no" I didn't go back there again. I have learned my lesson! My trainer said once was enough and I need to start behaving like a guide dog. So just for that I am going to get some movies of me doing some of my basic commands to show that I am "behaving" now!
Oh and don't worry, I told my trainer "sorry!!"


Really it wasn't my fault!!



I was given a award a couple days ago from one of my puppy/blogger friends Midnight.


So I have to pick 7 blogs that I like the most, here goes!

Alana- Puppy in Training with Guide dogs for the Blind
Larkin- Service dog from Paws with a Cause
Rusty- Pet
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Cobra- Dog in for Training at school(KSDS)

If you were picked for the award follow these rules!

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. link to the person who chose you
3. choose 7 (only 7) other blogs that you love
4. And post the rules at the end!

You don't have to do this but its quite fun!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


At the beach house/trailer

I went to the beach a couple weeks ago but I just haven't had time to do the post.

I also got to get into a pool each day, since my trainer's family kept going over to see their Granny who lives near the beach, and she has a pool. Of course they made me get in, and it was COLD!! Just like the ocean. I liked the ocean a lot more than the pool though, since the water at the beach didn't make me have to swim. Of course it was annoying when the waves kept splashing me; I even asked nicely for them to stop. AND IT DIDN'T WORK!! My trainer didn't take any pictures of me at the beach since she was always in the water with me, but she took pictures of me in the pool. My trainer was very happy to find out her mom took lots of pictures at the beach!!

So, there are 2 movies and a whole bunch of pictures!!


Playing on the beach

In the pool

Are you okay?

Hurry, hurry the water will get you!!

I am soo not going back in there!!

Never mind!

I am WET!!

Swimming, which is COLD!!

This is the way to swim!

Unless she lets go...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pig & Me

Here is a movie of the pig giving me a "piggy" rub. It's very cute/funny!!
At the bottom there are 2 pictures of the pig and me in the crate sleeping. It was taken at night time; my trainer has decided its a good idea to let the pig sleep in my crate with me! We have only done it for 2 nights, but until he gets to big I don't mind!!


Piggy rub

The pig is in the blue bed w/
the green blanket over him.

Then he decided to sleep beside me!

Lady bug

This is a movie of me watching a lady bug. It's not that funny, but its pretty cute!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Puppy class 5 (I think!)

Puppy class was about 2 weeks ago but I never got the post written about it!

Since the building we usually do puppy class at was under construction we met at Belks. We did the meeting inside Belks on the top floor (the office floor) so we wouldn't be in the way of people shopping. Since it was quite tight up there we didn't have a lot of choices of what to do. So for the first half we lined up like we were at a wedding rehearsal meeting people, and the dogs had to obey and not trip the humans! I tried to lick some of the dogs, but soon stopped and obeyed.

Right before we left to go to puppy class my trainer took me on a 2 mile walk. Which made me REALLY tired! Once we got to puppy class I was knocked out, (after the wedding rehearsal!). When we finished the wedding-type line up we went on to a different kind of game/work. This time it was a game in which all the humans teamed up with 1 other person (2 man teams) and each of them had a dog. They then picked a card from a pile and we had to do the command it says on it. It could be a "down-stay", " stand-stay", "heel", "foward and stop", " a sit-stay" and you walk away, or any other commands our school uses! My trainer's team got a down-stay, and they had to walk away then come back to us on the right side. I didn't jump up when my trainer came back, and did just what she said to do, so I made my trainer really happy!

Then once all the teams finished playing the game (well they were going to call it that but forgot to bring prizes, so really it was work!) the leader started handing out letters...not to all the people there, just to some of the older dogs. I was wondering what it was (so was my trainer), then we soon found out. We just happened to be handed one to so my trainer opened it right away to see what it was, she found out it was a puppy swap paper! She had talked to the leader not too long ago and found out I was too young for that. But all that changed too quickly! It will last for three weeks, I will go spend that time at another puppy raiser's house and my trainer will be getting a dog named J.J. He, I think, is the same breed I am, and is just 1 week older. He is yellow and obeys pretty well (so I think, but we will soon find out!!). My trainer sounds like she is happy for the swap, but I think I would rather stay here with her, I mean she already left me for whole month! The trainers will be trading dogs at the next meeting, which will be in about 2 weeks!!


Doing the "team game"
The dog furthest to the right is J.J, my
trainer will have him for the puppy swap.

The leader is walking up to dogs and trying to get them to jump on her, and the dogs should not be jumping. I didn't jump, but some dogs did!

II was pretty tired!!