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I am a male yellow Lab. My birth date is September 4th 2011. I am in training to be a guide dog for the blind. (guide dog school -Southeastern Guide Dogs) I'm my raiser's fifth guide dog puppy. She will keep me for (about) 1 year, then I will head off to harness training! Please feel free to follow my blog and keep up with: Brandon's Life... As a guide dog in training

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puppy class-last one

I have been really bad at posting lately.-well updates that is:)
I forgot to do the post about the puppy meeting February 7, and about me going to see karate! I will get my trainer to do all of those posts for me when she gets back from Walk-A-Thon.

Last Thursday I went to my LAST puppy meeting, they even had some really nice dog treats (almost like mini cakes!) for us dogs to eat!

What we did at puppy class:
Worked on basic commands-going in a large circle and siting or laying down when told.
Then our trainers each got an umbrella and got to walk around with a umbrella in their hands pretending it was raining!!
And we worked on some of the more "advanced" commands, such as:
Find the door-switch, and more!
I had a lot of fun at class, and I even got to wear the harness!!
I will try to do 1 more post before I leave tomorrow (Friday), but if not my trainer will get it posted for me.
Please enjoy the pictures below(and movie!), and soon Liberty will be taking over the blog...


My trainer & me doing "Switch"

Greeting people

Taking a break...

Me doing a "sit stay" (and when she calls me I
will then do a "heel")

Our group:

Our group #2 :)

Me in harness

Me in harness with my trainer

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Curry & Chive...

My trainer's goat kidded (had babies) Monday night at 9.30pm!!

My trainer decided to go and check on the goat one last time before she went to bed and that just so happend to be when the goat was having babies!!

The brownish & white one is named Curry, the black & white one is named Chive.

Enjoy the pictures. My trainer just had another goat who kidded yesterday(Thursday) and had twin does, they both have been named and my trainer will be doing a post about them later:)




Me meeting Chive

Me meeting Stella...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet Oregano...

My trainer's goat "Addie" had one baby boy on Thursday.
After looking at the names in the comments she decided to go with Oregano(thanks Lisa & Ellie).
My trainer is hoping to have some more babies in a couple more days.(nevermind-just kidded (had babies)tonight!)-post coming later:)
Thanks for the name ideas, and keep brining more!!



Erin (left) meeting Oregano (right)

All of the baby goats. Left to right:
Eragon, Erin, Stella, Arya, Roran, and Oregano

Liberty meeting Oregano

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frankie's trainer-Oh is Frankie in trouble!!

Hey everybody,
this is Frankie's trainer.
I decided not to let Frankie do this post for 2 reasons:
1. She would bad mouth me on the blog,
2. She is in the crate.

Want to know why??
Well lets see, I walked up the stairs
and saw this: (click to make bigger)

Well that made me think 2 things.
Either a tornado came though our house, or Frankie has been upstairs.
Since the plant was in Frankie's mouth it kind of made me think she did it...
If you remember the post from last year that was about the same as this post (introuble'08), Frankie hasn't changed at all...

Hope everybody is having a good day. Frankie will be leaving next week, and really we will all miss her very much. I will be doing the post on Walk-A-thon for her when we(I) get home next week.
Still no more news on the new puppy, as of right now it won't be 'til May or June:
Thanks for reading our blog(Frankie's, Liberty's, & Brax's) I hope you all enjoy it very much!
Don't forget to look at the movie below!

Frankie's, Brax's, & Liberty's trainer

The end of the movie isn't until you see Frankie,
it went black since I put my hand over it
The culprit...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!- WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!
My trainer has been quite busy recently with baby goats... yes, it is that time of year!!

My trainer bred her goats quite early last year so we would have babies in February, last year we didn't have baby goats till the end of March!

My trainer's goats haven't kidded yet, but her brother's has. He has 2 goats, and out of both of them he ended up with 5 babies!! One had triplets the other had twins!

If you remember the post from last year about names (baby goat names'08)

My trainer did candy names in '08, so this year she has decided to name her baby goats after herbs. The first 2 babies she is thinking about naming "Sugar" & "Spice" since last year was candy and this year is herbs.

But she has a lot of goats due, so please put any name ideas that are herbs in the comment!!

(For boys or/and girls)

Thanks and don't forget to take a look at the pictures below to see what I have been doing lately...


Dress up

Me wearing a skirt & shirt!

Photos with a "cool" background

Me doing "sit" 1

Me doing "sit" 2

Me doing "down"

Playing doctor

My "doctor" putting on the "cast"

Don't I look good with a cast!

And the sling goes well with it to...

My "doctor" and me:)

Me with my trainer

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trying to "fit in"...

Ever since Liberty came she has been getting all the "good stuff", tennis balls, dog treats(I can't have any because of allergies), her own cool dog bed, a neat crate, and such.
Well I am trying to "fit in" her "small" things, since I can't have the tennis balls or dog treats, that leaves the dog bed and crate.

Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean:)


Liberty's bed:

Liberty's crate:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liberty & Frankie- please help us decide!

As you guys know I will be leaving to the school this month for Walk-A-thon(28th), and won't be coming back:(
(it's called In For Training-IFT)
I am still in the breeder program so there is a possibility I won't be a guide, but I am told being a breeder dog is even better!

The only problem is... my trainer won't get a new dog until 2-4 more months, and I go back this month. I really don't want to leave my blog "blank" for months on end, but my trainer isn't getting a new dog for awhile.

There were only 4 choices my trainer and I came up with for the next few months:

1. Leave the blog blank- only update with Frankie
2. Get Brax to send updates & pictures(it won't be often, his owner is VERY busy)
3. Liberty takes over in the interim

4. Liberty takes over and Brax can help when he has time (and of course all of those include updates from me when my trainer gets them each month!)

What do you think?? Let me know which I should do, Liberty is begging me to let her take over the blog for a few months, so hurry and help me decide!!
Just put your favorite idea in a comment and let me know, or come up with your own!!
Make sure you go to the bottom of this post and check out the new videos and pictures!!


My trainer entered Liberty in a
"true love" contest, this is the photo
she entered!

Libety "pushing" herself out from under the couch!

Liberty is always soo cute in her bed!

Liberty chewing on Cocoa's ear

My trainer & Liberty with the horse

Liberty "riding" the horse

Liberty REALLY wanted to meet the horse,
my trainer was worried about the horse
stepping on her,but I don't think Liberty cared...

Me trying to get Liberty-who is under the couch!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Liberty is here!!

My trainer & her family went to go pick up Liberty Friday afternoon.

She sleeps a lot, but I have gotten her up to play with sometimes.
My trainer took me and Liberty with her and her family to a Karate tournament yesterday, it was right after my puppy training class (different post coming soon:), we were there all day but my trainer took me and Liberty outside to the playground for a little while. I went down a slide more than 4 times, I think it was my first time ever doing that!!

She is very cute, but very small so my trainer is always telling me to be careful around her.

I will be doing a post about the Karate tournament soon too (with pictures:), but for now enjoy all the movies and photos of Liberty, (and me!).


Liberty says
"I'll grow into it."


Me & Liberty

Yes she really has her head on my leg!

The first time Liberty chewed on her bone!!

It's play time!

And again...

Liberty playing around- the end is the best:)

Liberty playing with MY toy

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We just need a puppy to put the
collar on...!!

Hey guys,

Liberty will be coming here tomorrow!!

Her owner took some pictures of her for us, she is getting quite big!!

It is going to be soo much fun with her!!!


Isn't she getting big!!

Face shot, sticking her tongue out:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Liberty-new puppy!!!

Liberty will be coming in a couple weeks!! She will be 8 weeks on Valentines day so my trainer & family will be getting her around then!!

Oh BTW I know what you are thinking by reading the title- "Liberty-new puppy!!!".

You think that is the name of the new puppy my trainer is getting!! But you are wrong, it isn't the name of the new puppy me trainer is getting, and it isn't even the new puppy my trainer is getting!! ...which we have no further news about:(

Liberty will be the new house/farm/guard dog.

Liberty is an English Mastiff , which can be a VERY large dog. Though since she is a female she won't get as big as some of the giants you see on the web. My trainer went to visit Liberty a week ago and she is very cute and nice (so I'm told), but there is no way she is cuter than me!

I think it is cool that she will be coming to my house before I return to the guide dog school, I will be able to meet her!! Puppy exposure!

Enjoy the photos of her, (she is the one wearing the purple collar), and please be ready to welcome "Liberty" to the family in 1-2 weeks!!!


Liberty being held by MY

Isn't she soo cute-I can't wait
to meet her!!

She has 14 siblings-it took my trainer's
family a while to pick her out, but she was
the only one, that wasn't already claimed, that didn't try to "bite" their pants
and shoe laces!!