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Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney World Fun and CSN Stores Review

Hey furry friends!
My raiser has been quite busy around here - and not had anytime to let me do a blog post. (She's been clipping goats - and giving them a whole new hair do for the goat show coming up soon!). But she's taking a break from that right this second :)
This post is a little about my raiser's Disney World trip - she told me all about it, so I could do a fun short post (with a couple pictures too).

Disney World 2010 - WITHOUT the dog :(
My raiser (and her family) went to all 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios), and both water parks (Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon).
Her favorite water park was Blizzard Beach - and though she loved all 4 theme parks, she likes Hollywood Studios the best (due to the awesome rides they have!).
She loves riding roller coasters, so at each and ever theme park... she got on the roller coaster... and enjoyed it very much!
At Disney Quest (in Downtown Disney) she really liked building her own roller coaster (and getting to ride it!).
Of course, knowing my raiser... she shopping... a whole lot!! She didn't buy too much, but she made sure to pick up something for the giveaway winner - and runner up! And a couple cute things for herself... !
She met some new friends while down at Disney, and also got to meet some cool characters (Including Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Donald - and more).
though this really doesn't tell much about her trip - it does give you a "little" bit of information about her vacation. But I'm not nice enough to let her get all the spot light!
I saved some time on this post.... to give a shout out to CSN stores, as they are letting me do another review on my blog! And I'm furry sure my raiser will get something for me :)
Of course, I saw her searching the sites - and not only was she looking at pillows, wall items and bed sets, she was also looking at dog toys... so maybe... just maybe... she'll get something for me!!
Thanks so much CSN stores! Make sure to check them out (if you haven't already!),

Enjoy the photos below,

The dog with a blog

Photo taken at night of the Cinderella Castle

Photo of Mickey & me

Picture of Pluto & me

Picture of my 2 cousins kissing a statue of Nemo

(My raiser celebrated her 16th birthday while down at Disney - she even got a free marshmallow treat!)
Picture of my birthday marshmallow (with sprinkles & n&ms on them)

Okay - I know she was doing a photography class assignment and all - but why getting a photo from "a worms eye view" I think it makes no sense...
Picture of my photography class assignment (taken from a worms eye view - of a white fence)

Photo of my sister & I Standing below the Sci Fi drive in restaurant


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It so looks as if she had some tasty fun!

Thanks fur sharing the pikhs!


Benny and Lily said...

Sure looks like loads of fun. Look at that yummE treat! Hope it was fun
Benny & Lily

The Thundering Herd said...

Weirdly, the hu-dad has never been to Disney. Is he deprived, or what?

Mango said...

You know, momma was talking to another older human who complained that disney was wasted on his kids because they don't know who mickey is. Can you imagine? Looks like your mom knows who he is.


Oskar said...

Wow, Disney looks awesome. My mom person says she is the only adult person in the United States who have never been to a Disney park.

I think she might be exaggerating!

Nubbin wiggles,

Clive said...

We loved reading about WDW - Murray is still talking about his trip there two years ago for Halloween. After years of going to Disneyland Paris - Florida was a revelation to us! So many parks and so big! Your photos brought back lots of happy memories.

take care
Clive and Murray

ps-that worm's eye view photo is brillant!