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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Clue... (still a chance to win the prize!)

Want a clue?
I found out my puppy's name today... yes, I KNOW MY PUPPY'S NAME!

I checked all the comments (and the list I made) - and not a one of you bloggers' out there guessed it!

So... haven't guessed yet? Go to the Name Game post and leave 5 name guesses in a comment (make sure they haven't been guessed already!).

I promise NONE of the names that have already been guessed are it.

Have you already voted your fav 5 names? Think it's a little unfair that you didn't wait 'til now?

Well, since I'm feeling really good today - and want to giveaway the prize still...

Go to the Name Game post and leave in the comment 2 other names - that haven't been guessed already :)

Got it?
Haven't guessed yet - go the the page and leave FIVE name guesses
Have already guessed before today - go the the page and leave TWO name guesses

Yes, you can use some of the names that have been used - just note that any names BEFORE today ARE NOT the new puppy's name. (want a chance of winning - don't chose any of the names that were posted)
So there is you clue and whether you've guessed or not - go back and do it again :)
(two if you've done it - 5 if you haven't).

Make sure to look at the post below this one - as I did a update on Brax today.
Have fun guessing - any questions? Feel Free to ask!

P.S. One other clue... it is a FOUR letter name :)

Note - if it wasn't clear - the clue was NONE of the names guessed so far are it. If you go leave a comment on the post right now - that doesn't count, as this post was done before the comment. So as of right now NONE of the names on the post are it. (The other clue was it is a FOUR letter name - these are the only 2 clues in the post, there isn't a hidden one!)

Toby's Raiser
The human sometimes with a dog that has a blog

Picture of the puppy litter in a basket - all are black and one is mine!What four letter name goes with one of these?


Doris Sturm said...

Well, I'm more confused than ever - first you stated none of the names are it - and then you said none of the names guessed BEFORE today are it and where's the clue other than it has four letters?

How about

(Sigh) oh, well...I'm not meant to win this one!

Good luck to everyone else!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Sorry you are so confused!

The clue was - no one has guessed the name yet.
Because if you just guessed those 2names (coal & char) then those 2 could be it - but another blogger wouldn't guess them since I said before today.

Though it still might not make since - that's what I was "trying" to say. I didn't want people to not guess a name that another blogger did today (because no names were guessed today, before I did this "clue" post).

But as long as you guess 2 names - you are good!

houndstooth said...

Sunday must feel far away right now!

the booker man said...

how about...


the booker man

Deborah said...

OK, I heard a good name today at the groomers and I forgot it. I'm going to say Jack or Toby...Hey don't think I'm wierd, some people do name their dogs the same name over again!
Have fun!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

What a fine dog you are, Toby, and with so much purpose in life. Helping people and teaching the pups, I hope you get all the petting and treats you deserve.
Jennifer Perry aka The Mistress of Corgi Manor

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Out of the blue, let's say Brax.

Woo - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Nico and The Bandit said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog! It's nice to meet you.

Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

I know, I know!! But will keep it a secret. Apparently that is a pretty popular guide dog name, he is the 3rd one I know with that name in the last few years. I also saw a picture of him, very cute, but not what I thought you were getting. His brothers names are very cute as well.

ocmist said...