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Friday, May 21, 2010

Remember Him?

Brax was the first guide dog puppy I raised for SEGDI. (I received him back in 2006 - he returned to the school in Jan. 2008).
He was also one of the fastest dogs to go through training. (Training is normally 6-8 months).
When Brax passed his medicals and started training (end of Feb.) he had 2 1/2 months of training... and then was placed with a blind lady!
No he wasn't ready to be matched - he was actually pulled out of training to be placed with a lady who couldn't find a match.
He was already zipping through training, so when they did decide to place him, he got extra training in little time.
The comments on him from different handlers was "He knows what to do and always tries to please".
Brax was a great dog. And with him being the first dog I raised, it made me really proud to hear that he graduated!
I didn't get to attend graduation (puppy raiser day), as his new owner had to leave 1 day early.
I've still not been able to meet with Brax's new owner - I hope to sometime soon.
If Toby ends up graduating, we may make a trip out to visit Brax "on the way" to see Toby.
Though I don't talk to his new owner that often - when I remember I do make a point to call her up sometimes and get a "little" update.
Last time I talked on the phone with her was back in Feb. 2010. Then is when she gave me her new email address, so we could talk more frequently.
When I sent her an email back in Feb. I never got a response, she had gone out of town that week and when returned the email happened to have been looked over.
I never tried sending another one, I just kept forgetting!
When Toby passed his medicals, I sent out a email to my address book. She happened to be saved in the book and that email was sent to her.
A couple days later I received a email from Brax's owner:

"Congratulations!! That's two under your belt. I hope he's as wonderful as Brax is.
Brax is doing wonderfully. It's hard to believe he's been here for two years.

His older little brother is having problems. He was diagnosed with enlargement of the heart six months ago, and just was diagnosed with cancer. He has another six months with us at the most. Brax really loves him, and I know he'll grieve as much as the rest of the family will.

We're going to the *** convention in **** this weekend. Ugh!! Ten hours on the bus each way! Brax will do fine. It's his human who probably won't!
Talk to you soon!"

I was so excited to read this from her. Of course the part about Brax's "Brother" (her other dog - I think it's her retired guide) was quite sad. I really hope that have some good "last times" together.

I have asked her to write a little something for the blog (she used to do that a couple times a year). But since she is heading out of town today/tomorrow I know she won't have time 'til next week sometime. (I'll make sure to post it when I receive it).
Though it wasn't much of an update, it was still great to hear from her. I'm so proud of my boy and hope he continues to be a great help in her family.
I did get her address so I could send something to Brax. Want to know what?
Yep, Brax's birthday is coming up quickly. He will be FOUR YEARS on June 3rd!
So... I went to PetSmart, bought him some goodies - and I'll be making some homemade dog cookies soon. Then I'll ship out the birthday box. (also, whoever wins the "Name Game" will be receiving some homemade cookies for their special dog!).

Have a great Friday, just heard today that I'm picking up the puppy REALLY late Sunday... maybe I'll do a post Monday morning instead :)

Toby's Raiser
The human sometimes with a dog that has a blog

Picture of Brax wearing sunglasses!


3 doxies said...

Oh you should be very proud of Brax, you did a wonderful job with him...why do you think he flew through his training.
You've got to be jumping out of you skin in anticipation bout your newbie coming in.
pees: you are pretty furgetful ya know...I hope you don't furget to feed da puppy....hehehehehe!

Sarah and Vance said...

aw! thats nice to hear from her :) I can relate to a fast dog who goes through training. Cobra, although not as fast as brax, did his service training in just under 4 months, usually its at least 6 months.
Can't wait for the new pup!

Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur the update albeit with the sad news -

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Jen said...

Brax must have been very clever to go through training so quickly. Well done you!

Maggie Mae said...

Nice to meet you too! I am so happy that you stopped by my blog to say hi. The Blog Hop makes it so easy to make new furiends.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS My mom luvs your name, her very first puppy was named Toby.

ocmist said...

It was great to hear about Brax, and I'm sure that you were so happy and proud to know that you'd been a part of that special relationship that he now has.

Cassie said...

Awww what a sweet story about Brax-sounds like he's doing a great job!